Trusting Again

Our Yes to God Bible study chapter this week, Learning to Trust Again, reminded me of this post from the archives…

God is putting a ribbon around my finger. He is whispering, ever so softly, in my ear: Remember.

Lately, I have led a charmed life. Just in little things, mind you, like traffic lights and sunny walks and scheduling. It seems all I have to do is think a thing, a little thing, and it comes to me. He is tying the ribbon.

Perhaps these little happenings are mere coincidences. Perhaps I am making too much of small things. Forgive me for taking simple delight in tiny pleasures that have often eluded me.

I have never been the lucky one.

I learned at an early age that people and circumstances were not to be trusted.

As a child I was mislaid, like an extra pair of reading glasses, never thought of until a need to see more clearly arose.

This did not happen by accident, for the Lord ordained this time to draw me to Him, using my emptiness to demonstrate His great comfort. I learned that when this world fails, He is ever present. He delivered me from that time of brokenness and artfully transformed my pain into strength and compassion.

Lately, however, I have been that mislaid little girl once again. My heart has been feeling the pull of the past. My emotions have returned to that time of brokenness. For, there are some big changes taking place in my life right now. Changes that require trust and confidence. Two things that my past assured I would have difficulty mastering.

I am the child I was back then: vulnerable and needy, longing in vain to feel comforting arms around me. My heart is tremulous and easily bruised, my steps tentative. Do I dare to trust?

There comes a time when we must leave our pasts behind us. A time when we must choose to believe the Great Love that is spoken of in the Bible. For me, this time happens over and over again, and I often need reminded that I am a new creation.

And so He has been busy tying the ribbon around my finger. He has gifted me with these little reminders. My child, He tenderly whispers, have I ever let you down before? With each little incidence of fortune, He has breathed over me a memory of a larger past deliverance. In the sweetest of ways He shows me that I can trust Him: by taking care of even the smallest detail. And with each detail He carefully and lovingly attends to, I am reminded of His faithfulness.

When human hands fail, there is One who can be trusted. He dwelleth not in temples made with hands. When my heart is broken, he covers me with His wings. Scripture tells me He knows the number of hairs on my head; He catches my tears in His wineskin. When my trust in man is disappointed, I can trust the author of my life to write the end of the story. And with Him, there is always a happy ending.


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    “With each little incidence of fortune, He has breathed over me a memory of a larger past deliverance.”

    Seems when He creates trust He does it in the gentlest of ways. Other things, we more need thunk on the head. But trust He builds in such quiet faithfulness.

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    Laura, thanks for sharing this again. It might be a post from your archives, but it’s where I am right now. He’s speaking to my heart and tying a ribbon around my finger.

    Continuing to trust,

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    Just popped over to say hi and you have left me in tears…again.

    I was just thinking tonight on all the ways I would’ve missed my Lord if I’d always lived a “charmed” life. I love how the little things you speak of a parking space, an open appointment, running into a friend, make me feel so loved because of feeling mislaid for so long.

    You write of my soul.

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    it is true for me, pain and hard times can be remembered and can cause fear of going through it again, yet, now i have another thing to remember as well, that God is with me always.

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    I LOVE your blog. And I love this post.

    I don’t believe in coincidences. Traffic lights, sunny walks, and scheduling can be small things, but sometimes they mean so much more.

    I, too, learned at an early age that trust was something you never really gave away. But I’ve also learned since then that God put my eyes in front of me so I can see where I’m going, and not where I’ve been.

    Blessings to you, Laura!

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    Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog.
    You are and always will be a very special blogging friend and one that I love and admire so much.

    Your testimony blessed me the first time I read it.
    You, my friend are one amazing lady and I hope and pray you always know that. 🙂

    I have a picture that says “Every new day offers many gifts, untie the ribbons.”

    This saying reminds me of your post.

    I love you too, Laura!

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    I think that God gives us, you and I and others, these little things that bring much joy. Why? Because He knows that we need to know from our broken hearts that He is trust worthy and that He hears our hearts. I also think He kicks it up a notch when He sees that we KNOW they come from Him, and when He hears us bragging on Him to others.

    Lord, thank You for kicking it up a notch in our day to day. We love You not becuase of that, but simply becuase of YOU. Amen.


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    You weave a mighty good read, Laura. Wow … so applicable at any season of our living. I need it now!

    “like a forgotten pair of glasses…”

    Where did that come from? Keep it coming, friend. That is such a vivid and apt description for how I’m feeling a lot these days.


    April 29, 2009 11:25 AM

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    Sometimes the past tries to throw consequences on our present…a choice must be made….who holds us close? Who is the One who knows the way? Who is the One who knit us back together….He is still the One. Nothing has changed except our gaze. May He keep us tender to hear His whisper..”this way child”…right into His eyes.

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    Love the “tying a ribbon”.

    From your comment on my blog about trust, you have been blessed. I long to be at a place of true rest, full peace, and divine contentment (happiness even) in my life. I’m not though. My heart is forever longing for more, for it, for restoration to answer my heart’s cry. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

    Thanks for sharing. For loving. For praying.
    Love ya,

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    Beautiful Laura!
    I always love coming by here.

    Sorry I’ve not been good at getting Mr.Linky up in a timely fashion. Next week will be better, right? 🙂

    love ya,

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    remembering the past is good in regard to connecting the dots in our lives to help us rely on His faithfulness – there is a string of story telling of late – it makes me smile :0)

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    It is NO coincindence that you commented on my blog and I was lead back to this post…I am in tears my friend.

    Life is tough…nothing huge or moutainous happening just the “small” things…and I needed to be reminded that he whispers “my child, have i ever let you down before?” and NO he hasn’t so I need to stop my “frettin” and let HIM work.

    I am sorry that I have not “visited” you in a while…I miss my online book study and blogger friends who continually encourage me. Praying that the Lord will settle my life in the very near future. I am tired.

    love you and your heartfelt words!

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    Transformed pain into strength and compassion. Oh, YEAH! Beauty for ashes, gladness for mourning — THANK YOU for the reminder. Now, I remember, too.
    Thank you, Laura.

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    “When my trust in man is disappointed, I can trust the author of my life to write the end of the story.”

    I’m so thankful for his faithfulness and that He NEVER fails us. That we can place our trust in Him with full confidence that we’re in the best hands!

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    Love you Laura,
    Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us all.
    So many of us have trust issues, and things that throw us back to past memories and reactions whether they are dealt with or not.

    May God bless you through this time.

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    My friend seeing the wonder of God in everyday events is a beautiful gift, one we so often over look.

    Trusting in the Lord is the one safe place. I pray you find peace, safety, and assurance in His arms.

    I’ve missed visiting all my bloggy friends.


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