ABCs of the Word “P”

“Her ways are pleasant ways, and all her paths are peace. (Prov. 3:18)

The writer of Proverbs is speaking of the lady wisdom here, and the truth of his words rings loud in my heart. As God further refines our church, and I endeavor to lead, it has been one of my most earnest prayers—that for wisdom.

Her ways are pleasant and all her paths are peace. –Amen

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Here is my Mom is Missing from the Picture portrait for this week:

I haven’t been very faithful with this little meme…falling prey to the very thing that motivated it.

No one takes pictures of mom!

I’m always behind the camera. That is exactly what was going on the day this picture was taken. I had the camera at church, taking pictures of all of our mothers for a mother’s day slide show. Teddy took the camera from me and snapped this one.

This is a definite, “What do you think you’re doing?” face.

This is only #5 of 52! I am so behind!

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    WISDOM. I was coordinating and teaching in a conference last week and one of the table gifts we had was a pretty bag with a rock in it that had a word written on it and also a paper with a piece of scripture. Of the left overs, I took one of the pretty little bags and that was the word written on my rock. Oh to have that wisdom you are talking about here…

    In His Graces~Pamela

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    Great verse! so glad you are already at #5 and that Teddy took the picture for you. It get’s easier. I see a lot of people doing self portraits and/or using the timer. Great picture!

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