She Goes by Many Names

I was driving home from a local theater performance of South Pacific a few nights ago; listening to public radio, when a program called The Art of Song came on. The hosts were interviewing a musical duo that I found mildly entertaining, so I stayed tuned. The young man–by name of Jonah–was describing his background when this caught my attention:

“…I eventually found my way down to New Orleans and was playing street music down there…it was during Jazz Festival and that was when I just realized how important music is…It was as if…I could see music touching people—physically—you know…people get touched by music…like color—in the same way…”

Beauty goes by different names.

Jonah was right—she reaches out and makes her presence known. The air around her changes. We open up to her…unveil these stony hearts and hold them up in vulnerability. We forget to wear our masks when Beauty is with us.

For me the Arts—music, drama, poetry—are a way to draw near to God. By spending time with this beauty, I see His Beauty more clearly. My heart aches…longs…yearns…for His holiness all the more when beauty makes herself known.

The touch that Jonah spoke of…well, I choose to believe it is His touch, reaching out to us to share His amazing gifts.

I’d like to share a gift today.

The winner of The Making of a Poem (Strand and Boland) and A Child’s Garden of Verses is A Simple Country Girl from Aspire to Lead a Quiet Life.


If you’ll email me your snail I’ll drop those goodies in the post for you ASAP.

I was blessed by the many poems that crossed my inbox through this little contest. Thank you to all who participated! I hope this opens a new world of beauty for some. High Calling Blogs is an awesome poetry playground.

Blessings…and urgings to spend some time with Beauty today!


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    You capture moments and draft them into words like one might catch a beautiful butterfly in a net. Or better yet, your words are like delicate lace framing the face of a newborn babe. It is always a pleasure to stop by here for a visit with you. I always leave refreshed.

    Blessings, my friend!
    Thanks for putting my name in the drawing. Congrats to Country Girl!

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    Being out in nature and seeing the colors He plants throughout, the fragrances, the breezes…all these things remind my of His greatness…the ocen, the stars at night…I do love music (classical the most) and as a young girl I wrote poetry. I suppose I should re-examine it again. Maybe, when this calm down…for now, I will stick with nature!

    In His graces~Pamela

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