Beach Prayers

I’ve just returned from my last walk into the sun.

Our family departs the seashore in only a couple hours. I’ve spent the last hour wandering in the surf–watching the crabs, and dolphins, singing my prayers out over the ocean—offering these dead men’s bones up to God and trusting Him to reassemble them.

I told God I would miss meeting Him here every morning…which seems an odd thing to say given that I carry Him inside of me. Still, I need these times to set aside the world and focus on Him. After every holiday, I promise the same: I will remain here; in this place…close to you, Lord.

And it works.

For a time.

I’m working on that. I’m always working on that.

But right now, I feel Him near so sweetly that I can almost feel His breath.

Think I’ll enjoy His company awhile.

I’ll see you all back in West Virginia.

Leaving you with some of my favorite memories…

No matter how much sunscreen I put on that red-headed boy, he burned anyway. Sigh.

Yes! That’s me, up in the sky with the clouds! It was amazingly beautiful seeing the ocean from a birds-eye view.

They have my heart…


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    Oh, it is always sad to leave the ocean. I know what you mean about feeling so close to God walking along the shore in the early dawn light. Glad you have had such a sweet time.

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    Love your pictures. That first one with the smoosh sand and water…I could almost feel it in my own hands.

    I’d say you got a little burnt also in that last picture.

    I bet that sky ride was breathtaking.

    You are a blessed woman at heart and it shows.
    Love ya,

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    Joyful pictures – courageous flight. Thinking of you this morning as I read “The seas have lifted up, O Lord, the seas have lifted up their voice; the seas have lifted up their pounding waves. Mightier than the thunder of the great waters, mightier than the breakers of the sea–the Lord on high is mighty.” Ps 93:3-4 Praying you have a safe journey home.

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    OK… you up in the sky….YIKES!!! I am so terribly afraid of heights I get the willies just looking at that picture!

    Praying that you will continue with the Lord, the fact that you are working on that as you say, always is all He requires and as we do He pulls us ever so much closer.

    In Him,

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    Great looking family there. 🙂 I am so looking forward to our trip to the beach next month….now it will be with 5 children this year! 🙂

    Be blessed today….

    Find His rest.

  6. says beautiful and refreshing! How awesome to have your time alone w/ the Lord with the sound of the waves in the background! There’s no sound like it!!

    I’m glad you had a wonderful time w/ your family!!!

    Oh..and how fun to parasail!!!!!

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    Looks like someone else got a little burned on the beach! 🙂 Ahh….I knew reading a couple of your blog would settle my mind down into a peaceful place. God has used your writing in that way for me since I first found your blog all those months ago.

    Love you so, Lee

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