Blowing in the Wind

I, too, am thinking about the rules of gift-giving, Sam.

We are still savoring chapter one of The Gift: Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World, by Lewis Hyde. Visit HCB for more thoughts on our book club selection this month.

After a week of Vacation Bible School during which I was alternately frustrated and elated…I am left wondering where the offerings will end up.

Will they come full circle? Or benignly fall to the ground, finding no purchase?

Rule # 2 on Sam’s list particularly has me stumbling this week: Don’t expect a gift in return.

“I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow.” (1 Cor. 3:6)

A gentle reminder.

I just glanced out the window to see a lone milkweed seed blowing in the breeze. It meandered through the current haphazardly, first drifting low and hanging suspended momentarily before soaring to heights unknown.

There is One who blows the wind, Beloveds.

And lest I pull back what my hand offers in frustration, Hyde reminds, “What is given away feeds again and again, while what is kept feeds only once and leaves us hungry.”

Beth Moore tells a story about visiting a poor African village with her husband. Their guide told them that one of the most frustrating things for the missionaries was teaching the villagers to plant the seeds they are given. Too often these poor people will eat the seeds instead of planting, missing the blessing of a harvest in favor of immediate gratification.

When we give of ourselves we are planting the seeds.

Too often I gobble up what is in my hands, too blind to see the potential for future harvest.

And then, it is gone.

And I am left hungry.

It may feel like we are blowing in the breeze, friends, but the more seeds we loose the more chance of implantation.

I am reminded that in order to receive, our hands must be empty.

Hyde says, “The gift moves toward the empty place…the gift does move from plenty to emptiness. It seeks the barren, the arid, the stuck, and the poor. The Lord says, ‘All that opens the womb is mine,’ for it is He who filled the empty womb, having earlier stood a sa a beggar…”

Am I open to receive what He would give me?

I stand, empty-handed today. My gifts are not merely blowing in the breeze. They are in the hands of the Giver of All Good Things.

That is why I give the gift.


  1. says

    I have that verse from I Cor. 3:6 written in my youth group journal.
    I’ve worked with the youth at our church for almost 7 years. At times I have wondered if anything is getting through to the kids.
    This year when one of our previous youth members, now a young college student went with us to youth camp as a sponsor and led a small group, I was so encouraged. We just never know where that seed is going. I’ve witnessed so much through the years….since I’ve been at the same church for over 40 years.
    Thank God for the ability to give.
    Thanks Laura! Your posts always bless me.

  2. says

    Oh Laura… how I have missed you. I just haven’t been out visiting out in bloggyland. I love this post.

    Eating up our seeds instead of planting and receiving the blessing of the harvest. This spoke volumes to me.

    I hope to be back soon.

  3. says

    “What is given away, feeds again.” I love that. I’ve been trying to live by that for a while now, remembering that even the “smallest” of sowing seeds eternal when done so for the kingdom.

    Hope your summer is spending well. Mine is absolute chaos…


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    Last year a friend challenged me to start giving freely. It has been a process of absolute growth in faith for me but the rewards up until now have been simply profound. The hardest challenge that I needed to overcome, was wanting in return.

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