Home Again, Home Again…

“One always begins to forgive a place as soon as it’s left behind.” – Charles Dickens

Unpacking memories.

Our regret to leave the ocean has been forgotten in the joy of returning home.

The grass is three feet high.

There’s spoiled milk in the fridge.

And a ton of laundry awaits me.

But our home is the most beautiful place on earth tonight.

We spent the afternoon unpacking and reordering.

Lucy Mae is back with us, where she is meant to be (is it normal to be so heartsick over a dog?).

There’s popcorn popping and two boys on the couch beside me.

Beach prayers are not forgotten–but to remind, I’ve carefully placed our sea treasures in a tidbit bowl on the counter.

A little bowl of paradise.

But tonight, paradise is right here.

Home sweet home.


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    There is nothing more comforting than returning home. AND…it is absolutely normal to be heartsick over a paw’d pal…at least in my book it is! :o)

    Welcome Home,

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    I love it, Laura. Reminds me of my homesickness for Home. (Have you ever read “The Homesick Heart”? *Highly* recommended…)
    Welcome home!

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    I can’t believe you were just here in Pensacola and then discovered my blog through Deb when you arrived home. Wow.

    Thanks so much for visiting our town and my blog. When you’re back at Switched At Birth, look at the Category Cloud under Pensacola Scene. I don’t have beach pictures there, but do have some of the bays.

    You have a lovely blog. I’ll be back! (I’ve always wanted a red-headed child, but have to admit I cringed when I saw your boys with their pale skin under our fierce sun! Hope they had fun.)

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    I loved reading your posts while you were at the beach and of course I loved the pictures. You have the cutest family! Seriously….those boys of yours are too cute!

    I have always loved the ocean and have always felt God’s presence in a special way when I’m there. There’s just something about the waves….the sound, the beauty. I love it!

    I’ve been home over a week from church camp and my suitcase is still on my bedroom floor partially full. Isn’t that terrible?!!

    I know you missed your little doggie. They become such a part of our family. I totally understand that.

    I’d love to know which beach you visited. It looks wonderful!

    Have a great week Laura & thanks again for sharing your vacation with us.


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    Beautiful! Do I say that every time I leave a comment here? Repetitious but so true!

    I love this post!

    You have stirred quite a desire in me for a visit to the beach. I love the beach! I am pining for a beach house somewhere. Anywhere! Well, almost!

    Enjoy this week, Laura. Everything will settle back into place soon.

    Glad that you are home safe!!!!!


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    Welcome Home!
    (Aren’t those two of the nicest words uttered?)
    Your joy in the midst kindles, Laura….

    And now. To forgive a place when we’re still all there.

    Slowly, He teaches me…

    I send so much love today….
    All’s grace,

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    Laura, I’ve just caught up on your latest posts. Thank you for sharing so much of your heart and for allowing us to “feel” a bit of your vacation. I hate that your things were stolen but am so glad that your vacation could continue.


    Your photos are beyond precious. My husband is a red-head and I swear he can sunburn going to the mailbox and back; we’ve yet to find a suitable sunblock.

    I’m admitting pure ignorance here, I love sand-dollars but hadn’t a clue that they were living creatures. Thanks for the new knowledge.

    Your poems about the beach were phenomenal. I could very easily become a beach bum. I never feel quite at home as I do while walking along a shoreline.

    And…for the record, I think being heartsick over a dog is absolutely normal. I had a friend who actually called the dogs while on vacation so the pups could hear a familiar voice on the answering machine. LOL!

    Glad all of you enjoyed your time away and your time of coming home.

    Grateful for you!

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    Of course you can be heartsick over a dog, they’re part of the family! Great pictures and I enjoyed looking at posts I missed over the long weekend. Your 52 weeks picture was wonderful!

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    Mmmmm. So nice.

    Your unpacking of memories.
    Your bowl of treasured shells.
    Your joy of home.

    There’s no place like it, is there? Home ….

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