“Do you think they have found all the Bible that there is?”

We were reading our nightly scripture and he was feeling…opened up by it. His young eyes searched mine for wisdom.

“I think they have found all of the Bible that God wants us to find.”

“You mean, you think there might be more of the Bible out there?”

“I think there are other writings that tell us more about Jesus, and the disciples, and the early church. But if God wants us to read them, He’ll make sure we do.”

“Hmmm. Everything is so mysterious.”

“Is that okay?”

“Yes! I love it!”

“It doesn’t bother you that we don’t have the answers to some things?”

“No. I like knowing that some things are mysterious…and I have to use my imagination to wonder about them.”

“How so?”

“Like, the other night, I was telling Teddy…What if this life is just a dream? And when we wake up, we’ll be in heaven? And heaven is what is really real.”

“Hmmm. It would have to be a pretty complicated dream.”

“God could do that. He can do it any way He wants to.”

And then he was gone, leaving me a little stunned—pinching myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming—wondering about the last time I “loved” not having answers to my questions.

And I knew it was probably back when I was around his age.

So, for a moment, I closed my eyes and let the great mysteries of the world sweep over me—felt my stomach drop as on a roller coaster—and just let go. And it was…


I’m not driving this thing.

He is.

I’m throwing up my hands.

The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may follow all the words of this law.” (Deut. 29:29)


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    I like that… loving not having our questions answered. Maybe poetry is the loving of the questions? The space where answers are still not complete? And we wouldn’t want them to be, would we…

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    Sometimes I wish this life was a dream and I would wake in Heaven. Other times, I enjoy this life and am satisified to wait for Heaven.

    I think that for today I’ll pretend that I’m in a dream 🙂

    Love to you, Laura!

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    i remember this in my self when i was oh so young – i remember this in my own children when they were oh so young – and i strive to remember it still :0)

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    Hi Laura…gotta love those “it just is” moments. God is so amazing in how He allows us to rest in the knowledge that “it just is, because He is God”. 🙂

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    The questions you asked were so insightful. This exchange is a caution for me to not presume upon another person’s perspective, to ask good questions, to discover the basis of their curiosity. Very sweet! Thanks for sharing

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    How precious. You have such sweet moments with your babes. I dido that, when is the last time I enjoyed not having the answers…MAYBE when I was a child but if I was as inquisitive as a child that I am as an adult…who knows.
    Love ya, sweet one.

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    When our hands go up, reaching heavenward, it is only then that our hearts and minds follow the skyward toss. For in the process of throwing up our hands, we are able to release their firm grip on today. And aren’t they all (hearts, minds, hands) tied together by One string? His string.

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    I love the mystery. As much as all those questions I have bother me, I’m glad that some don’t have answers.

    Life may indeed be a dream, and death is when we wake up. I love that.

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    Oh, I remember that feeling. After reading this post, the memory of it came back for a moment. Practicing this would be very beneficial for me. 🙂

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    Ahh the faith and wisdom from young ones.

    I like thinking about waking up in heaven

    and also “He can do it any way He wants”….Love that!

    In Him,

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    I love this! My questions often go into sleep mode. I plan to arouse them when I arrive at the Welcome sign of heaven! Please remind me if I get distracted and forget! ; )
    I think your little boys and I could be really good buddies! They just sound like the cutest things! Kind of reminds me of little boy days in our house!

    So good of you to capture these precious words! You will never regret it!

    Blessings, my friend!

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    such a gift you are to your children that you still in those moments, leave a little room for His voice to float in then or later or through you. Not just from quick quotes and same olds. Teaching to discover.

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    I love when we realize that it’s not up to us. We can let go and trust Him with the ride, knowing it will be the ride of our lives.

    Simplicity is found in the heart of children…that’s why Jesus said it was good to be like them in faith. They don’t complicate things like adults do.

    I loved this post, friend!

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    This is so awesome! Young people can see God with such fresh and trusting eyes, it’s incredible. Your son sounds like a very insightful little guy! (He must take after his mother. 😉

    As my kids have gotten older they’ve lost that sense of wonder and blind acceptance. As I wrote today on my blog, I pray I give them roots to claim their faith into adulthood.


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    My trick to learn is *not* to panic at some of those questions but to listen well and maintain the dialogue. Because who knows how long they’ll be willing to be open with me? I pray for continued dialogue.

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    Jesus said that we have to accept His kingdom as a child would. I guess that means asking lots of questions but being okay, even joyful, that some may never be answered. Thanks for the reminder of how wonderful I once thought it was to live amidst mysteries and not be in control of the universe.

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