Oh, To See It Grow

“Can’t He show His power some other way? Without people dying?”

She hadn’t really wanted to join the circle. Preferred to stay by herself up against the wall. Gave a “pass” when her turn came to offer prayer request. She whispered to the girl beside her throughout our group discussion, turning a deaf ear to life-giving words.

But when the conversation turned to a local boy recently killed in an automobile accident, her fidgety form grew still in the faint light of the candles.

We’ve been doing this every night this week: circling up, knee to knee, offering our hearts to each other and to God.

It’s Vacation Bible School.

And these tweens, these “in-betweeners”—no longer our littles who like to play games, but just shy of grasping the satisfaction in a deep discussion of all things Holy—these tweens have left me bone-dry and overflowing all at once.

The question was, “Why do you think God let’s bad things happen?”

They all had thoughts to offer.

One young one said this: “If people didn’t die, we wouldn’t know God very well. It makes us closer to Him.”

And we talked about how bad things show us God’s power. How He can overcome all things.

That was when she spoke up.

It didn’t make sense to her. This young one who has seen too much for one her age. Who is such a strange brew of toughness and vulnerability.

If God has the power, why doesn’t He just end all suffering now?

“Because it’s all part of a bigger plan,” one boy offered.

Our answers bounced off her shrugging shoulders, and soon she was texting a friend during the discussion again.

But she kept coming back.

We are planting seeds.

Only He can make them grow.

Tonight is our last night of Vacation Bible School. Pray for changed hearts, my friends. These kids are our future.


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    heavy sigh…..such heavy hearts throughout all creation…..seeking to understand…..I’m like that little one more times than I care to admit…….can’t admit it often because I’m a should know better and I don’t want anybody to know about the doubts that often asail me round about….yes just like that little….

    Bless you for giving your energy at VBS! I’ve been there many times and know the drain that it has but oh the seeds that He plants!

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    I see all of those hours painting has paid off and I see a beautiful piece of art in this picture…as well as in your group. Sometimes the “Masterpiece” is in the eyes of the beholder. I think you are sowing good seeds…the ground in which they fall to may need tilling…But I think God will use those seeds to make a Masterpiece Garden! Something must be stirring in their hearts to be coming back every night…Your work for God is not in vain…

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    Oh Laura,

    I have such a heavy heart, hard questions for ones so young. My daily devotional is My Utmost for His Highest and yesterday’s was entitled “Receiving Yourself in the Fires of Sorrow”

    Sin, Sorrow and Suffering are part of life, yet it is so heartbreaking to see kids wrestle with these. We as adults have a hard enough time dealing with and reconciling ourselves and our faith to them. My prayers are with you today for Godly wisdom that will water the seeds already planted.

    God Bless you for being there for her.

    In Him,

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    May God bless you for planting those seeds. I’ve found that those tough, painful questions EVENTUALLY do lead to knowing God more and loving Him deeper than I ever imagined my heart being capable of.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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    Planting seeds…yes, that is what most of our Christian work is all about…planting. I’ve heard it takes seven seeds before a person comes to Christ, seven times to be invited before they come to church.

    Love your new blog look.

    I posted yesterday if you’d like to come read. You are dear to my heart and would welcome your comment.

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    Though i didn’t get to this in time to pray for you yesterday, I lifted you up just now….

    Hoping and praying that those dear kids keep coming back again and again, thirsting for the truth.

    Love you,

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