Clean Sheets

“He’s like…clean sheets,” she said, “Do you know what I mean?”

Mind drifts back to days before air conditioning; cricket song penetrates still air through open windows–the night is heavy. We four, after long night of lightening bug expeditions, have been scrubbed clean, dirty feet and all. Mom shakes out cool cotton and tucks edges, making envelop to fold us inside. Sister and I pile in—slide over delicious cool…sunburned skin and tired legs drink in this crisp softness. And we squeal in delight as she lifts light cotton cover in air, a parachute blanket. It hovers over us…lands with soft breath…blowing damp hair tendrils away from cheeks. Again, again! We cry, until her arms grow weary from waving this cotton sleeping flag over us. And with final covering, this good kind of tired falls over us and we tumble into the rhythm of sleep, closing eyes and breathing in time with night sounds cascading in dark.

“Do you know what I mean?”

My friend repeats, anxious to talk more about this new beau—this beau who feels like clean sheets.

“Yes,” I said, “I think I do.”


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    OH yes, I know what she means!

    That same sheet was the one that I remember hauling out in the laundry basket, mid-way through the day, the sun beating down hot on my head as I tried to pin the heavy wetness onto the line. Hours later, it was dry, warm, with a fragrance like non-other…clean, sun warmed, wind dried, sheet. Under it that night, the comfort lasted all night long!

    Oh,yes, I know.

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    Thanks for taking me back…. again, again! I have a very similar memory.

    Such a wonderful place to visit, my childhood memories.

    Blessings to you and yours as you make summer memories that will surely bring smiles many years from now.


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    I love clean sheets….been gone 7 days and the first thing I did after unloading the vehicle was start the washer, stripping the bed, to enjoy fresh clean sheets last night.

    Love YOU

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    … is it because the clean sheets are threads of perfection, the crispness of clean, or the smooth of comfort? Or is it because you are fully inside such perfect, clean, comfort–like we are when we put our life in Jesus?!

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