If all desire was taken away except that for Him, then nothing would get in the way. We could be together…every second of every hour of every day. Nothing to take me away from Him, but to eat and drink and sleep.

But He loves me so much, He gives.

And gives.

And He grows me through desire, distraction, emptiness, want, and pain.

He blesses me with the very things that take me away from Him.

The endless gifts continue…

***New babies: the smell of them, the feel of them, their tiny toes. And the doctors and nurses who tend to them when their tiny lungs don’t work quite right at first.
***Wise words on beautiful background gifted to me by precious friend.
***Kitchen prayer-alter.
***Polka-dots on walls.

***Red paint spilled on white carpet and harsh words spoken that left my heart stained, leading me to Him, ever humbler.

***A child who prays when his mother cries.
***A rug to cover stain on floor; Christ to cover stain on me.
***Answer to prayer: Not one, but two new pastors, coming to our church soon.
***Cucumbers and fresh herbs picked from friend’s garden.

***Hallowed: Song sung by Liz during our Sunday offering.
***Picking up two extra girls to bring to church with us on Sunday morning.
*** A new haircut—and hair stylist who goes to New York to find the latest.
Join precious Ann at Holy Experience for more on the Enless Gifts:

holy experience


  1. says

    “If all desire was taken away except that for Him, then nothing would get in the way.”

    Yes! “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his rigtheousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.”


  2. says

    And no hair cut picture to go with? Come on now…

    If I can put my dumpy self sitting on my bed on my blog, you can put your hair!

    God is good to fill our days with the reminders of his rich provision. We are a blessed people indeed!

    I feel blessed to have you in my life. Keep writing your words and living your life on purpose. We’re all the better because of it!


  3. says

    I’ve learnt that when I’m with my loved ones every minute of the day, we grow stiff and dull with each other. And then we busy ourselves with personal adventures, and have something to talk about, rejoice in, share, when we come back together again.

    So I agree with you, the things that take us from Him are blessings that bring us closer to Him.

    You yourself are a gift in my life, I’m sure of it.

  4. says

    praying for your precious nephew and family. you have so adequately described my heart, my ever frustrated heart that life gets in the way of Life…and my joy that Life helps me live life. 🙂

  5. says

    I will ask the family if they think Ellen would like the cds. Will you give me your email. I have a contact button on arise 2 write for my email, but I did not see one on your blog.

  6. says

    Oh Laura…
    You a stain on carpet too?
    Us, just last week.
    Massive and black and churns my stomach every time I walk in that room… and oh, a mama that didn’t respond as Jesus… ~brimming tears~
    And you… you minister to that stain with Jesus.
    Oh, I love you, dear friend…
    I will get a mat to cover it… and I will think of you and how God uses you.

    You, one of the endless gifts…
    All’s grace,

  7. says

    “He blesses me with the very things that take me away from Him.”

    Oh Lord, may my eyes and heart not remain fixed on the gifts, but the Giver.


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