Love Story

Sometimes she would fall asleep with her Bible clutched against her chest.

Or under her pillow.

It seemed to penetrate deeper this way–stayed better when she was dream-reading.

What’s a girl whose mother is gone to do?

No soft hands to hold hers at night. No soft voice to pray with.

His Word did not keep loneliness from seeping in…it came. But still, the girl held tightly, not really knowing why. Only that the Words kept her from feeling completely alone.

She carried it with her everywhere.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” said older friend, tipping the book in the girl’s hands. “Is that what I think it is?”

Blushing, she hugged It tighter.

How could they understand?

The Words kept company in the reading journal that year. Mrs. Johnson put a red check mark on the top of the page at the end of the week. They could write anything they wanted–she never read the words.

But this one time, with red pen poised, hand froze in air. She turned to the girl.

“This is the Bible.” She said, in amazement.

Blushing, the girl nodded and turned away, ashamed to garner this attention.

And so it was, through the years, the Book kept her company.

She learned to make friends. She laughed and fell in love. She had children, even a dog. She learned to do the laundry with a sigh and clean the floors of the house she lives in without a thought to those early days.

Only one thing stays the same.

She never let go.

Clutches It tightly even still.

It is all that anchors her. These living, breathing Words—breathing life into her.

This post is inspired by Ann’s Walk With HIm Wednesday series. Visit Holy Experience for more…

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  1. says

    Ah, yes. Keeps me company too, Laura. Thank you for this Love Story. Man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord…


  2. says

    This gave me an incredible memory of my Grandmother holding on to the WORD…holding on to JESUS…holding on to His promises. Holding on…

    Love you.

  3. says

    Laura this took me back to a visit to my grandmother’s home when I was four. I was crying because I missed my mom. She made a bed for me, next to hers and my grandad’s. She then lay there with me and sang me to sleep. She sang a song about the Bible and I drifted into peace that night. I woke up, tears forgotten.

  4. says

    Laura, Sister, you’ve once again, captured my heart, my attention and my soul to cling to Him as you knowingly do so well. LOVE YOU, Yolanda

  5. says

    Yes, the Word is alive, isn’t it? He – the Word – brings life and breathes hope and gentle covers us all…right where we are. And we find wings and take flight.

    This was beautiful!

  6. says

    I too have fallen asleep with my Bible on my chest. Just something about that Book. There is just so much between Genesis and Revelation I wonder if I’ll “get” half of it before He returns.
    Beautiful post Laura.
    Love you!!

  7. says

    I so love reading your beautiful words that glorify and identify God and all that He wants to be for us… Thank you… And thank you for your precious words of encouragement on my recent post – I am so grateful! Bless your sweet heart… Naomi xx

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    This is so beautiful. I remember after tossing and turning one evening early on in this particular journey I am on. I reached for my bible I ended up reading through the 119th Psalm, the words soothed my soul as much as clutching the book itself. I was able to rest well. Thanks for this reminder of that precious time with our Father.

    all my love,

  9. says

    Wow! Your writing here is beautiful! His Word is living and breathing life into our very hearts as we listen and capture the Love that is behind the words.

  10. says

    oh that my little girl self could have found your little girl self
    but alas.. here we are as He wills.
    Your book came today, and I quickly read through the first chapter in the setting sun.
    You are gifted girl.

  11. says

    Never ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Laura…simply beautiful. What a precious companion for the journey. Ancient words that will always comfort and guide. A cherished love letter.

    May His words continue to take my breath away.

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