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    “Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be, the last of life, for which the first was made. Our times are in his hand who saith, ‘A whole I planned, youth shows but half; Trust God: See all, nor be afraid!’” Robert Browning

    As the hymn writer says, “Every day with Jesus is sweeter than the day before.”

    Our times are in His hands,

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    Hi! My name is Christy Rose. I just stopped over from Julie’s at Jewelz Sightings. I feel like I need to catch my breath. Your writing in this post and the last one leaves me wondering with who? and what? and why? I am intrigued. I think I like what I have read so far and I would like to come back when I have some more time and get to know you more. I am glad that I stopped over here. I would love it if you would stop by and meet me and my family too. I will be back here again though.

    Christy Rose

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    His grace simultaneously ages us in the wisdom of our sinfulness and makes us childlike in that it teaches us how little we are in relation to Him.

    Grace enables me to die so that I can live.

    You have captured this beautifully Laura.

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