Darkness still lingers when alarm sounds.

I creep downstairs and light my candle—my Christ-light. It floods clarity, eyes slowly adjust and I move from vague dimness to this brilliance.

He speaks to me.

We sit, He and I, together over these words…His words…

and I practice.

I’m learning to listen.


To be still, to wait; these are not my strengths.

Restless, struggling–I move outside under disappearing stars.

Practice listening.

The robins are not yet roused from their nests and the stillness thrills awake the sleeping parts in me.

Leaves wave in breeze as limbs bend and sway, light begins to seep in at the edges of the horizon.

There is moisture in the air—God’s breath all over me.

You’re so cool, I say.

I know, He says, smiling.

And we listen together as the robins begin to awaken.

Sometimes, He just wants to be with me.

When I listen, I hear His desire.

And it fills me with wonder.

This is
the fullness of joy.


  1. says

    Laura, God was speaking to me about listening today too. I’m sharing my thoughts tomorrow. The verse that captured my attention was Isaiah 55:3, “Come to me with your ears wide open.”

    It’s so true, “in Your presence is fullness of joy”, Psalm 16:11.


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    Laura this poem hits home with me today. I just spent quiet time with the Lord at a spiritual retreat this past week and I’m desiring those same quiet moments at home. Thank you for a glimse into your beautiful morning.

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    Yeah, needing to practice that listening… and needing to rest in the silence of His presence. I need that more and more as we come up on She Speaks. I find myself in constant anxiety… with no particular focus… just anxiety.

    I keep praying and on the rare moments that I can get still enough, I find a bit of peace.

    Oh I need more….
    It’s so hard to write. It’s hard to do much other than try to get through the day. When all I want to do is curl up under a tree and spend time with God.

    Thank you so much for the reminder that He just want to be with me.

    Love you,

  4. says

    Laura, This is a wonderful post! It sounds very similar to a couple of posts that I wrote in the last week or so. God must really be moving in our hearts to help us to realize that He just wants to be with us and share our lives. And, in doing that with Him, there is pleasures and joy that we can not even explain with words.

    Thanks for sharing what God is revealing to you Laura! It is confirmation to my heart!

    These are the two posts that I thought shared a similar essence to yours.
    “way more” on July 3 and “my heart is smiling today” on July 20.
    You can look them up on my site if you are interested.


  5. says

    Laura I wish that I could tell you just how much you are influencing my journey with Him.

    I too sat quietly and practiced listening a few mornings ago. It was not easy and I realised that I need to grow and I need Him to teach me how.

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