Secret Things

“How can one so small hold so much of me inside of him?” she mused.

“The secret things belong to the Lord our God,” He whispered into her heart.
Yes. Yes. This love is bigger than me.
Please welcome my brand new nephew into the world: Anakin Ian. He burst forth fighting (no lightsaber in hand, though…), faced a few difficulties at first; but he and mommy are doing quite well now. Welcome to the world, little one. You make it a more beautiful place.


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    Beautiful! BTW I saw those tiny feet on the internet a few minutes ago when I was searching images for a Power Point presentation. I can’t remember my search words but I recall thinking to myself what tiny little feet!

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    Congratulations. He is adorable and holds a beautiful name! I love unusual names.
    Sending blessings and prayers for the little guy and mommie!

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