The Gifts Go On

Things that made me smile on the Fourth of July (The Endless Gifts continue…)

1. A thirty-something daddy playing basketball in his driveway all by himself.
2. Mama Killdeer giving mournful cry to distract me from ground nest.
3. Chipmunk running parallel to me with apple core in mouth (this made me laugh out loud).
4. Purple finch song drifting down from telephone wire roost.
5. Stiff muscles from long walk with friend yesterday.
6. Making German potato salad for Fourth of July picnic.
7. Smallest girl cousin following Jeffrey from room to room with adoring eyes.
8. Rained out picnic and huddling close together with people I love under patio umbrellas and porch eaves.
9. The sound of rain on the leaves.
10. Backyard fireworks (“That one wasn’t too bad”).
11. Tucking boys in, tired and full of love.


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    blessed by your words as always…
    I started my own a few times yesterday.. still unfinished. I may break my Sunday silence to finish.
    ah…. summer hectic times 🙂

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    Sounds like a day worth savoring! Now about those killdear, they drive me nuts when I’m out jogging and don’t have my ipod to drown out their shrill cries of protection. I always know when a nest of babies are close by. I suppose my cries of protection over my youngin’s sounds similar.

    Have a blessed week.


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    Love them all! Especially the 30-something daddy playing b’ball! It’s the little things that make the ride worthwhile! 😀

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    It is always the little things that are really the big things. Cheryl and I experienced that this weekend by getting to spend a few days with our college age daughter who is spending her first summer away from home. She is a youth ministry intern for a large church, and she has always been in small ones (140 members or less). This is a good experience for her. The family she is staying with invited us to spend the fourth with them and Jenny. It was wonderful.

    Thanks for the reminder about the important things.


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    The gift of your words goes on. I just read the last dozen posts that I had missed reading during this hectic time. What a blessing. Your poetry is so calming and picturesque. I feel refreshed from visiting here. I smell the ocean, feel the breeze and sand in my toes. Thank you for such a delightful start to my day.

    Sending hugs,

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