Down the Hall

Down the hall
from thin wire—

of time;
and it
marches on
as fox
down the hall

leather strap dangles
teases to pull
entrance to
attic room…
from the hall
I peer
down stairs

and see
life pass by
I sit
on floor
outside door
and listen
shower rains
on youngest—
who is
too afraid
of mirror-ghosts
to remain
upstairs alone.
Down the hall
half-open doors—
just a glimpse—

an invitation:
“Come on in.”
as Lewis says,
it is
in the rooms
that fire warms
and hot
tea awaits.

Not in the hall.

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  1. says

    Laura, this poem is a leap in your poetic abilities. The placement of the rhymes is subtle and pleasing, the images wonderful, the conclusion satisfying. I hope you can feel what happened here, in the hall.

  2. says

    Love the words . . . but confess I stopped reading when I saw the world map on the bedroom wall. Were this my room, I’m afraid I’d never come out . . . I’d stay, dreaming, gazing at that beautiful South American land mass . . . lucky kid living in that room.

  3. says

    I sit here and learn from you — about what makes a poem, and about caring and loving enough to wait upstairs during the shower.
    Thanks for this. It is so uplifting.

  4. says

    this captured me , in the morning quiet,
    I felt you

    I agree with L.L. , and to be in rooms, I am so blessed.
    The halls and thin wires, only the means , such as they are .

  5. says


    Even though tea is not in the hall, something much more important lingers…pieces, trails & traces of your family. I am in awe, much like the first time I stumbled in here a few months ago.


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