Skeletons in the Closet

hand trails…
folds of cloth
memories of feet
that have
thousands of miles—
do the soles
that swayed
with swish
of hips
no breeze blows
in here.
and that hat
he gave me
when we were
in college
when we were
in love…
the one I wore
with the blue dress
that Easter?
now arms
hang loose
that once
held skin
and brushed against life.
there’s the scarf
I bought in Chinatown
because it
the blue out in my eyes.
these bones rattle,
bump together at night…
skeletons in my closet.

This is part of the poetry house tour. For more closet viewing, visit L.L.


  1. says

    yours is the way i thought mine would go but my closet took me to a dark place – deeper into the marrow of the bones.

    I really like this:

    “now arms
    hang loose
    that once
    held skin
    and brushed against life.”

    Closets really hold alot of memories don’t they? Sorting through them is good therapy, yes?

  2. says

    Hi Laura~ My closet is on my to-do list this week! The sorting does bring about reflection!

    I love your poem! I love the way you take something ordinary and make it extraordinary! There is always a depth to your art!

    Your cd is on the way! Let me know what you think!


  3. says

    Oh I love it, Laura! Don’t we all have a few skeletons in our closets!

    I did not write my closet poem. I started a new job this week – having little creativity or time! I might do it anyway, just to see what is in my closet! 🙂

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