A God-Walk

We went looking for God.

This man-child and I. He, peaky from the flu, and I…well I just tired.

We needed to walk in the sun, step out into that light. The autumn winds joined in our play and we found beauty.

We found Him.

The meadow is alive with delights and we slowly savored each one.

The Common Groundsel has let loose her crown and everywhere we walked feathery white seeds danced on the breeze around us. When we were agile enough to catch these elusive tricksters, we made our wishes and blew them back into the wind–watching them soar to the heavens, carrying our prayer-wishes with them.

This yawning chestnut gave up its fruit long ago. These spiky burs protect what is theirs fiercely, but they always evoke a tender feeling in me. My grandfather used to have dishes of chestnuts set around his house to snack on at will. I never could stomach the things, but they will always remind me of him.

This Possum Haw set the meadow aflame.

Simple Fleabane–the meadow’s wedding gown.

Bush honeysuckle? Not sure. But gorgeous.

Then, down to the creek for that magic healing that comes with sun-kissed ripples.

We went looking for God, only to find, He was right here with us all along.

Don’t forget about our book club starting next Monday over at HCB. Would love to hear what nature whispers in your ear…


  1. says

    Oh,Laura, how beautiful. I see that you visited the moonflower, the seed pod is perfect for dropping the hopes of new life!
    I am rethinking the book club discussion, your encouragement seeps in little cracks. I wonder if I can find nature amidst the cold cement, bricks, and engines that fill my life in the metroplex. Very tempting. I will look on Amazon when I leave here….
    I hope your man-child is recovering fully and quickly.
    Love and hugs!

  2. says

    Oh, like Lee, sometime I would love to meet with you and go for a walk together… that creek looks perfect. I grew up where there was a little woods near our subdivision, with a spring way back in it, and a small stream running through….. I loved sitting back there, watching the water flow over the tree roots, making paths through the mud, floating leave, the gurgle as it ran over little rocks… sun dappled water…

    So peaceful. Just sit me by some water, by myself and I can actually start to relax.

    Today I got to go out and uncover the plants I protected from the frost last night… hoping to get a few more tomatoes out of them. Marina and I explored the back yard, looking at the frost patterns on the plants and leaves. Beautiful.

    Thank you for this post!
    Love you,

  3. says

    Wow! This post kind of goes along with my Growing up Monday post on Sept 29th. He is tabernacled within us everywhere that we go and evident in the outside view as well.

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