Fall’s Firefly Lights

Summer clings.

As pollen to the bees knees.

Despite what the wizened calendar says, I cannot shake her. I drop a grain of her here, a speck of her there…

Her heat still pursues me.

Even now the hills are plush with green finery. Wildflowers remain in bloom. Flip flops lay carelessly by the door. The birds whisper in the trees and tomatoes ripen on the window sill.

I’m not ready to say goodbye to summer.

As much as I love autumn, the departure of summer has always symbolized a loss of freedom to me. A new school year begins, programs start up, and businesses wind up for the coming holidays. Gone are the days of sleeping in, lazy afternoon walks, and piddling. Life begins to move at a frantic pace and time slips through my fingers like water.

Despite my best efforts at denial, however, the earth continues its lean away from the sun. The mornings are darker, and the air a bit cooler. The squirrels move about freely, preparing for their coming slumber.

Last night, we did our evening sitting. The insect symphony seemed poised for crescendo when something struck me.

Not a single firefly.

They’ve all gone.

I felt the sadness of days gone by in their absence. Marveled that we had arrived to this place already.

Then I looked up.

God had plucked up the firefly lights and placed them in His sky.

Oh, there’s nothing like a fall night sky, beloveds. Gone is the haziness of humid summer air and it seems one can see every star in the heavens.

The clarity of the night lights made me heady.

We sat, side by side, both gazing up into the stars. Silenced by beauty.

From glory to glory, friends. That’s what He does.

Happy Autumn to you all.

photo: summer’s final glory, Bumblebee on Goldenrod, by Laura


  1. says

    We never really had summer around here…we had a VERY cool, damp summer…so it seems strange that we’re in fall now, but we’ve had it all summer. We didn’t even have many fireflies this year. Going with the ebb and flows of life….good to stop for your evening sitting.

  2. says

    I love summer, but the older I get the more I enjoy the beauty and coolness of Autumn. I LOVE the beautiful way you paint the closing of summer, though..it makes me want to seize the warmth of these last few summer like days…

  3. says

    You loose the flies, we greet them. You use your flipflops less and less, we pull out ours and loose the sneakers.

    But we both look up to the sky and see His amazing show; even though it exhibits a different pattern

  4. says

    Laura!!! When I read this line “God had plucked up the firefly lights and placed them in His sky” my heart literally felt full! There is so much beauty in this line. Your writing is incredible, we have been enjoying a campfire outside under the canopy of stars every night and it is so true the crisp night air brings so many more stars, we get lost in them as we gaze upwards.

  5. says

    Ahhh…your writing is better than a cup of hot cocoa with whipped cream! My senses are satisfied. And it didn’t cost me a calorie!

    Love you! And yes! She Speaks it is!

  6. says

    Beautiful photo. I understand your feelings about the end of summer. One chld left at home so the end of each summer reminds me of the passing time. But, my fall is so busy (speaking engagements, teaching 2 college classes, etc) that I haven’t had time to sufficently lament the passing. Wonder if that is good? Anyway, I love Fall, so even as I sense summer slipping, I embrace Fall.

    I will say that I took a 2 mile walk last night and saw a bunch of fireflies. Probably the last hurrah.

    Good post. I enjoyed the prose about passage.

  7. says

    I have to say I struggle with letting summer go, too. As beautiful as autumn is around here, I much prefer the extra few hours of the sun keeping me company. I’m going to soak up as many of these last few warm days as possible.

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