“You know that patch of grass that grows up in a crack in the sidewalk?”

I nodded, not sure where she was heading with this.

“Well, that’s what I feel like in my family; like, there’s all this concrete everywhere and then suddenly there’s this patch of grass in the middle and it’s like…hmmm–how did you get there?”

I didn’t say anything because I understood exactly what she was talking about and I knew how hard it is to have concrete scratching at you from all sides when you are trying to grow.

Don’t forget to visit High Calling Blogs later today for more on our book discussion of Gerald May’s The Wisdom of the Wilderness.


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    I think I am finally learning what God has been trying to teach me for about 6 years. So, I am doing very, very, well, and thank you for asking, friend!

    I did have difficulty knowing what to write for May’s chapter 3, but I did end up with something. It’s a little buried this week, so here’s the link:


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    You always leave us with just tid bits, wanting to know more. Or is it just me, the very curious one who want to know more.

    I do know what you mean…though. It’s not only the scratching while growing but I find it’s also feeling like the odd one out…having little in common with family (some family)…even those with which we share a common faith, it can still be so different…so black and white.


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    Had a friend not unlike the grass growing between the cracks in the sidewalk. She always felt a little like Marilyn in a family with Herman and Lily Munster. Monstrosity all around, and yet she, there in her quiet beauty, was seen as the defective one, the oddity that needed to be hidden.

    God bless those defective ones…aren’t we all?

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    Oh, yes!

    I JUST finished reading my chapter in Wisdom of the Wilderness tonight! Hopefully, my lunch break tomorrow will allow me enough time to post and to read the others! (since it is my bedtime right now.)

    Thanks for the note on my blog! I think my life is looking like yours was…which I am finding sort of ironic as I read about the Power of Slowing. This week, I want to scream…”WHAT’S THAT?” 🙂

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    I am not even finished with the next chapter but already am SOOOOOO excited about it! I can CONNECT with this one for sure! I can’t wait until Monday! I just took a picture of my used, beat-up drums in my basement to include in my post! I can’t wait to go up the hill today and listen for rhythms! I never thought to listen for rhythms in the wilderness before (just sounds)! I will be bouncing all weekend!!!!!

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