Picking the Winners

We decided to do this thing.

Labored over the process (So many good ones!)

We ended up picking with our eyes closed!

And the winners are…

Paula from His Ways Are Not Our Ways


Liz from Liz’s Letters!

I am so thrilled to send these two ladies a copy of my book, Brody’s Story. They have been my bloggy buddies since way back in the beginning. One day we’re going to meet face-to-face and that will be a happy day.

Congratulations, ladies! I’ll be in touch…

Don’t forget to stop by Seedlings in Stone to see who wins L.L.’s giveaway tomorrow.


  1. says

    Yippee! (that’s Texan, by the way!) I sat down to check my email before hitting the hat and saw that I won!
    I cannot wait to read this book…
    Laura – yes, a bloggy buddy from the start of my blog, that’s for sure. And The Wellspring (formerly Wellblog) has been one of my very favorites all along! Your writing always touches me, inspires me, and causes me to think. I am sure that your book will do the same.
    Email following, with my snail address.
    Did I say, “Yippee!” ???

  2. says

    Thank you again!!! You are too sweet.

    By the way, that pumpkin in the third picture looks huge. And the stem of the last one in the wagon…I’ve never seen a stem that huge.

    I am so cheap, I never buy pumpkins. I did one year when beloved and I got corn stalks and straw too.

  3. says

    My goodness! Look at the size of those suckers. Grown obviously not for eating … !

    Your book looks like something my girls could get into :}

  4. says

    Enjoy reading …. I was honoured to hold Laura’s heart in my hands when I read it,
    She is brave and beautiful and inspiring.

  5. says

    Congrats to the winners!! I had no idea that you had written a book! Guess I am waaaayyy out of the bloggy loop!! That’s amazing!

    Hope y’all are all feeling better! Have a beautiful Sunday!


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