The Why

I awake to his face.

Full and round, staring in my window.

He lingers just above the horizon–hesitating to give me a chance to catch up. I pad downstairs in the dark–willing feet to land softly–push open the back door and feel the night-dew on bare soul. No matter, for there he is, shining down.


I sit and stare at this beauty–words of grace just pictures in my mind.

He sinks beneath the opaque surface of the earth’s curvature, and I sink too.

Gravity pulls. I feel the ebb and flow of life’s tides drawing at me…pulling me in with this steady inhale.

The grace-pictures remain with me, and I sit, waiting for them to swell into words and all I can think is this: why?

Why did He give us such beauty? He didn’t have to give us color, and light, and aromas that stir. He didn’t have to make the warmth of skin so inviting; didn’t have to paint the sunset with gold and scarlet. He didn’t have to arrange the earth and the sun in such a way that Moon-friend’s full face becomes a long-awaited gift–that round orb I rejoice in reuniting with each month.


I receive these delights as His gifts to me and I cannot fathom His love.

Oh, the grace there is in loving me! What is He thinking? I am dizzy with the knowledge that He gives these things to me… unabashedly He gives what is unasked for and undeserved…beauty my mind could never conceive.

Who says we should understand? It makes no sense.

He is too big.

His love is too big.

And He loves me.

That’s why all this beauty.

That’s why.


  1. says

    The intricacies of creation are amazing indeed. Just moments ago I noticed the full moon peeking into the window by my desk. It’s gone now, arching its way across the sky…moving to greet me through my bedroom window when I go to bed tonight.


  2. says

    Beautiful words from a beautiful heart.
    I like to think that the creative heart of the Father cannot resist making beautiful things. They are, as you have said Laura, an expression of His boundless love for us. He calls us to look and see and marvel at the work of His hands.

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