We prayed together
and I
am still warm—
feel the words
pass through me
like electricity.

I drive slow.

The hills
are memories
in the night;
bring them to mind.
Movement stirs
below hill-memories
and windows,
like candles,
shimmer by
mark the beginning
of incline.
snakes along bottom and
I remember.

I drive slow.

We used to
chase these
long metal boxes,
from crossing
to crossing
to see the glory
of windows shimmer
How long ago
was that, my sweet?
When you
were small
and love
was bliss?
When trains
and engines

I drive slower.

Fade into this dark
with memories.

Poetry prompt: We’ve been celebrating ’slowing.’ Make a “word pool” of at least five slow words. Yeah, I guess molasses counts. But verbs are good too. Create a poem using a minimum of one of your slow words, but feel free to use the whole pool. Post your poem by Thursday, October 22, for links and possible feature. Drop your post link in LL’s comment box so she doesn’t miss it.

My five words were: memories, night, hum, bliss, and slow (of course.)


  1. says

    Do you have any idea how INSPIRING you are? I want to try this…

    I love your word pooling.
    I bet you have notebooks chock full of beautiful poetry and words.
    I bet you have favorite pens… and can doodle like no other! Am I right?

    Holykisses xoxo

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