Mother always said that every day should be a day of Thanksgiving. This the reason she gave for our lack of participation in the feast that all our neighbors and friends celebrated.

Can’t be like the world. Can’t join in the world’s festivities.

And I knew she was right–just as she was right when she said that we should honor our mothers and fathers every day of the year, and we should be joyful that we were given the gift of life every day we live on earth.

But did we?

Do we?

These feasts–these holidays–are my bookmarkers through this story of life. Sometimes I need a tangible reminder of just where I am in this telling. I keep my gratitude journal, I participate in the gratitude community…but sometimes…sometimes I still lose track.

I can’t afford to. Neither can you.

Read about some of the benefits of living a grateful life here, and in the meantime, develop your own daily bookmarks. Start a journal, have regular a dinner time gratitude practice, or just help others in need (nothing strikes gratitude in my heart more than this).

My sweet friend Ann has an amazing community that will help hold us accountable. Visit her for amazing inspiration and great ideas to start seeing with new eyes.

Invest in this, friends. You will not be sorry.


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    Being a part of the Gratitude community has changed my heart attitude Laura. It has also introduced me to some wonderful women. It is a blessing to read through their lists and then to make my own. It all causes the heart to listen and look for the innumerable blessings of God.

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    ‘Standing Stones’ are such a biggy for me. To see and know and remember how HUGE HE is starts a fountain of awe and thanks.

    Good thing I don’t need to cross no flooding river to create my monument of ‘remember’ though …:}

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    Yes, Laura, Ann is gifted at building a community of gratitude, and I go there for ideas as well.

    And Laura? You do the same. I stop here regularly, and eat up these words that taste of good things and gratitude. Thank you for who you are … Your heart of gratitude shines, just like Ann’s.

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    “whatever is good, whatever is lovely, whatever is … worthy of thought ….” I just paraphrased one of the loveliest passages in all the written Word! Finding that thinking on these things brings about a heart of gratitude.
    Thank you for sharing your special gift. You continuously touch my heart and life with beauty!

    Much love to you, friend!

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    I am so thankful for TT at Sonya’s; as well as the journals that God has placed on my heart to write in as they minister to my heart the days that I need to be reminded of where I’ve come from and were I’m headed to. You so inspire me, sweet one! Lovingly, Yolanda

    PS: your youngest looks just like his Momma!

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    Laura, this is one of the best perspectives on Thanksgiving I’ve seen all year. I’ve been wrestling a lot with the “same old, same old” that is on EVERY. SINGLE. BLOG. as we approached the holiday – as if NOW we have to think about this because it’s here. Thinking of Thanksgiving as a “bookmark” helps me so much – I’m such a rebel sometimes; I don’t want to do what everybody else is doing…

    Thanks for your perspective. It seriously helped me today.

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    I have been thinking for some time about starting a journal. Ann is such an inspiration. Thank you for your nudge and word of testimony…I’m sold now for sure!

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    Laura, I love this post! Very dear to my heart…gratitude. I, also, am part of a gratitude group that blesses my life every day! And yes, the journal – it is vital to keeping a grateful heart. Although I have always kept a journal, a few years ago I started a new one – specific for gratitude. I call it “Worth Remembering” I keep it by my bedside and ONLY write in it things that I am grateful for or that are worth remembering. I love reading it as much as I love writing in it!
    Thanks for this inspiring post.
    And I love your new look! I popped over here and saw your background – had to laugh! I chose the same one when I redecorated on Friday! 🙂 I am still playing around with it though!

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