The days grow shorter.

Earth quietly follows her scheduled course, slowly revolving around sun–mindless to my morning shuffling, this blind groping in the dark.

Dark as it is, the sun comes quickly. She blinds me as she races by, eager to return to horizon-bed…taking warm glow, leaving only memory of light.

And I am left wondering where the day has gone.

The trees have almost shed their last, the cold is seeping in. This morning, I saw the snow birds back at the feeder. Timorous flashes of gray and white gave my heart a leap. Already? I wondered.

In the meadow, squirrels gather, rabbits retreat, and all of nature yawns …preparing for long winter sleep.

My body also longs to respond to this tilting away from the sun.

I am slowing too.

Morning begs me to sit in the bay a while–watch as dawn drops her heavy cloak. The stars blink out one by one, as that hurried sun peeks up out of reds and blues and oranges. It feeds me and makes me hunger both.

Early evening, too, calls me into stillness.

Last night, as the boys took in their music lessons, Lucy Mae and I walked around the twinkling streets of South Charleston. We peeked in the window of the antique shop, enjoyed the aroma of Thai cuisine, nodded to the fine ladies at the tea house, and scaled the Indian burial mound. I marveled as, the higher we drew, the more my feet disappeared beneath. The dark spread out like a blanket, enveloped us as we climbed. I could smell the faint breath of wood smoke and the coming winter in the air up there. I leaned over the edge at the top and wondered at the vertigo.

We tilt and spin through time and space and still we stand steady–oblivious to the pull of the moon and tug of gravity beneath us.

But I am spinning at the wonder in it all–the perfect tilt of axis…the perfect place in space. The predictable pattern earth follows around the sun yields these magnificent changes in the air around me and I cannot…

I cannot find beauty in my predictable today.

And I know it is only those fraternal twins, centrifugal and centripetal force, that keep me in place as I go round and round.

The inertia caused by these forces pressing against each other is pressing down on me, making it difficult to breath. This circular motion I am moving in feels like a chain weighing me down and I. Cannot. Move. I cannot break free. I need an outside force to break this cycle.

Sir Isaac Newton…help, please?

As we descend I can feel the atmosphere thicken again–I fall down to earth. It is still autumn down here. My boys await their carriage. As they run to me, heart rises to throat. One has guitar clumsily banging legs…the other clutches drumsticks tightly. Faces glow, and I know the lessons were good. I smile, hug slim shoulders, kiss tops of heads (well, the side of Teddy’s–he’s so tall now!).

Lucy Mae sniffs around a bush. We pile in minivan and head home, the light of love shining through the darkness of this season.

Nothing has changed.

Except my mind. Except my heart.

Outside Force reaches in, colors my heart beautiful.

He is The Force. He is The Cure for inertia.

Only He can change a heart.

No other remedy will do.

Oh, won’t you give Him the praise? Won’t you give Him the glory?


  1. says

    I am so taken with your writing too Laura. The best part – for me – is that it is always for His glory.
    Yes – let’s give Him glory and praise. Our wonderful music minister talked tonight at choir practice about the only sacrifices the Lord desires – our lives and our praise.
    It is miraculous what praise does for us. He inhabits our praises.

  2. says

    Of course you will be great friends with Lindsey…you just will.

    How I’ve missed my daily dose of Laura!! I feel myself slowing too and I am trying desperately to slow the inertia…praying that God will 🙂

  3. says

    You did it, Laura! You described the odd and interesting way that something as simple as a time change can effect everything – all at once! And then, in a flash! we are back and it is all the same again. Yes, except our mind. Amen! Only He can change a heart! Praise and glory to the King!

  4. says

    Great line – “But I am spinning at the wonder in it all–the perfect tilt of axis…the perfect place in space.”

    God creates that perfect balance, doesn’t he? We disrupt it, and then it is hard ot fin again, until we find it in him!

    My sermon Sun is on Psalm 15 – the presence of God is where we find security.

    Good post.

  5. says

    My visits to The Wellspring, have me clinging to your every word, not wanting to miss one little drop.

    Felt like I was seeing the universe today. Thankyou Sweet friend.
    You amaze and bless me.
    Holykisses xoxo

  6. says

    I love your blog. Your words go right to the soul of the matter.
    GOD has done a great thing by bringing us all together.
    Our journeys may be different but we are united by CHRIST and that is a wonderful thing.
    Have a good day!

  7. says

    What peace to drop by this evening as I settle in. It’s the time of year to take a deep breath and rest.
    Longer nights encourage rest and beckon us to slow down and enjoy Him.

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