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What you do, each and every day, matters to God—whether it’s in a board room, behind a desk, in front of a computer, around the dinner table with your family, out in the community, or at church—God cares about it. –Howard Butt, Jr.

Maybe ya’all have noticed my little High Calling Blogs badge on the sidebar. Or the link underneath my header. Perhaps you have wondered what that’s all about. Maybe you have never felt adventurous enough to click on over but are mildly curious.

Well, you’re in luck today! I want to share a bit about Highcallingblogs.com (HCB) this morning.

I stumbled into HCB when I found this lady online. I ended up reading her book and recognizing what a gifted writer she is. She introduced me to HCB and encouraged me to get involved in the community.

HighCallingBlogs.com is a network of Christian sites who have said they are interested in thinking through the intersection of faith and work (straight from the FAQ page).

As our senior editor, Marcus Goodyear, says, Wherever we are, whatever we are doing, we honor God through our relationships.

More from the FAQ page: we… believe people can (and should!) serve God through their daily work. For us, this is more often about the way people work, the excellence of their work and their working relationships. When we talk about work, we mean something more than just 9 to 5 office jobs. Certainly, work includes those kind of jobs. But daily work is broader than that. It includes stay-at-home parents as well as the traditional business person. It includes pastors as well as secular professions like public school teachers and doctors and lawyers…our vision for HighCallingBlogs.com is to create opportunities through new media tools for people to encounter God for the transformation of daily live, work, and our world.

HCB is a place to find excellent writing, breathtaking photography and artwork, and encouraging community. You’ll find me over there today–shepherding a book club discussion.

We’ve been issued a special invitation by our Managing Editor recently. We are calling it 12 days of community. You can read about it over here.

In honor of the 12 days of community, and in the spirit of the season, I would like to share some of the gifts the HCB community has brought to me. In the coming weeks, I’ll be introducing you to some of my fellow HCB contributors. I pray their work will bless you and bring you to a sweet place of rest this Advent season.

To be continued…


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    OOh, I like your new look… I’ll go and visit your book club discussion soon, but just wanted to say hi and wish you a joyous lead-up to Christmas. God Bless! Naomi x

  2. says

    Hello friend!!!

    I will check out HCB…for now I’m just visiting those I’ve missed 🙂

    May your advent be especially blessed. Praying his presence permeates your every minute. Love you!

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    Excellent overview to introduce HCB.

    I’m so grateful for the people of HCB who make it a community. Their ideas and stories draw me in.

    I’m honored to be part of it with you.

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    Laura, I am just beginning to learn my way around the HCB website. It really is an amazing place with wonderful writing. My introduction came when Ann became a contributor. I also hear the radio commentary on our local station. It is all so uplifting.

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