A Houseguest for the Holidays

He most certainly would have been put down today.

I watched our new houseguest bask in my boys’ attentions as I listened to her on the other end of the line.

There were two other dogs with injuries that were put down today. They tell me I can’t save them all, but I do what I can. I’m glad we got him out of there.

I felt a lump in my throat at the regret in her voice. This dog still had a lot of living to do. I bet the other two did as well. I thanked her and promised to keep her posted on his status.

The boys have been asking their daddy for a puppy for Christmas.

Tell daddy that if he lets us have a puppy, we don’t want anything else, Jeffrey said.

(Well, almost not anything else, said Teddy; which after saying he received a sharp nudge from his brother). The answer was no. For many good reasons. (Not just because daddy is a big, fat meanie:). Then, a couple days ago, I received this email from the Boston Terrier Rescue League:

Laura…the County shelter just called to ask if we can help with the Boston in the shelter. He has a ruptured eye that has to be removed and the shelter won’t pay for it so they plan to put him down instead. They also need a foster for him after the surgery if he gets it…Could you work it out? 

They plan to put him down instead.

These words made our decision. I made a few phone calls, found a sweet friend who agreed to pay for the surgery, and the process was set in motion.

We picked little Argus up at the vets yesterday afternoon. He will be ours over the holidays.A houseguest for Christmas.

As Jeffrey said on our way home from the vet’s yesterday afternoon, “He is absolutely precious!”

He’s a perfect little angel…complete with halo.

Our Christmas gift came early this year. And guess who his favorite person is? That’s right: Daddy. 


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    These furry kids are way to smart. He knows who to butter up too. You will soon have a permanent house guest and indeed..he is adorable!
    Blessings, andrea

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    Laura, I’m smiling because I read this I thought: “yeah right…foster it for the holidays. whatever, just bring out the adoption papers.” Then your last line that Daddy is sweet on him. How cute.

    Missy, just look at you with a new blog layout…and it’s not one of those freebies we all get. You’re stylin. I like blogs that have the topic links at the top. I’m too cheap to pay for someone to do mine.

    I miss ya girlfriend. Posted today, come read, reap, and be saturated with Lysa’s goodness.

    Hey, I texted you on Tgiving just on the small chance you would read it anyway.

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    Welcome to the family , Argus.
    I said no , until we got Diesel on a whim.
    Because he was who we needed really. Its a fierce love.
    I’d say you’re sunk , too.

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    This is reminding me of the Halmark movie Sunday night – A Dog Named Christmas. I will never regret saving my little pooch. He has taught me soooooooooo many spiritual lessons! Enjoy the pleasure.

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    OH GLORY…what a cutie indeed. Everyone keeps telling me I need to jump right back in after we lost our little diva a couple of weeks ago. Just not ready…need a little space BUT I do look forward to having another little critter around….they aren’t for everyone…but they bring me GREAT joy!

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    Argus is precious.
    What a sweet story. My eyes were watering from the start. Of course he would like Daddy best. {sigh}
    God bless you for being so kind hearted & how sweet of your friend to pay for the surgery.
    I skipped church tonight…..shhhhh 🙂 and am in my robe on the living sofa catching up on my favorite blogs. I’ve missed you too!
    Love ya,

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    I think I found your beautiful blog last summer, but sadly haven’t visited since then. This morning, with the new blogger format, I saw the link again. And I started reading. You have such a natural way of sharing your love for God…
    And then I saw your Boston rescues and my heart broke. We just lost our sweet Boston to cancer…he was a great dog. We still have his “brother” here, a little puppy mill rescue named Bugsy. Wonderful dogs, aren’t they? 4 legged companions, another one of God’s excellent gifys. I’m so glad to have spent this Sunday morning being inspired here.

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