The Santa Shop:

Here’s how it works:

The kids bring in their envelopes–filled with their money–and we help them shop.

The envelopes have the names of who they shop for: mother, father, brother, sister…

The tables are filled with items…from twenty-five cents to ten dollars. Some items seem trite. Mere trinkets. Junk.

But to the one who chooses them, they are treasure. They think of the one they buy for. They ponder what would please.

It is a joy to witness this love in action.
We tally up their purchases as they go; help them keep track of what they have left to spend.

Some come with much. Some with…much less.

One little girl comes with a baggie of change. Four dollars and fourteen cents. She wanders from table to table, agonizing over her purchases.

Then she comes to me.

“Oh, sweetheart,” I say, groaning inside. “You’ve bought too many things.”

She looks at me, confused.

“You don’t have enough money, honey.”

Blank stare.

“You’ll have to put something back.”

This, she understands.

Crestfallen. How to choose? Each was selected painstakingly, she put her heart into each one. The one given up will be grieved. It will be missed.

I am that little girl tonight.

Putting something back.

Giving up a treasure.

Because I don’t have enough.



Wishing I had more.

But sometimes a thing must be laid down before it can be found by the One.

The One who has enough.


  1. says

    He is enough. Amen.

    How I remember the Holiday Gift Shop at school. It was so sweet to watch the kids painstakingly choose that perfect present for their mom, dad, sister, etc. And I have my own collection of “perfect” presents from my kids.

    BTW, I like the new look of your blog. Very clean and inviting. I especially like the picture in your header.

  2. says

    I have God-skin, this is exactly where I’ve been. You have written the most amazing words Laura, so heart-felt, so full of truth. Hard to be the little child with not enough as well as the adult to show them and not give them. A tough lesson; but thankful for Jesus that could/would/did pay the price.

    Lovely thoughts, lovely!!!!!


  3. says

    I love visiting your blog Laura. You never fail to make me think about my relationship with Christ and what it is I’m offering in return for all the blessings He gives me.

  4. says

    I may or may not have all my bazaar gifts tucked away:)

    I’m trying hard to give it up, after years of collecting and figuring it was owed to me.

    How freeing really.

  5. says

    “But sometimes a thing must be laid down before it can be found by the One.”

    Wow…this was so encouraging to me today- thank you for the reminder that He is enough, no matter what.


  6. says

    Putting something back. That hurts, yes. I feel this piece so deeply, Laura.

    (And can I say how much your comment on Seedlings touched me? The part about it being a dream? You warm me with your life, your presence.)

  7. says

    You wrote this beautifully. It is so difficult to give back, to let go. And the only place left to go is to the Everlasting arms, where there is always enough.

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