The wind roars and trees sing out their song-dance as they shed their final trappings and become angel-nymphs, reaching up to God, raising hands in praise.

Leaf confetti fills the air–and watching, I can barely breath for swells of love that lift and swirl, sweeping me into heaven–soaring.

I am baking cookies.

I daydream that when the boys come home from school, they will sniff this sugar-perfumed-air and slyly move to the oven-top where sweetness waits…their baby fingers and growing bellies that have been fed from this body, their lanky limbs that they have yet to grow into…

All for them.

I am thinking this and I yearn.

For what, I cannot say, but the wind tears the flag from its pole outside and soon I am chasing this flapping piece of Christmas–running out into the yard with no coat.

Back inside, I put the flag in a drawer. I will wait until this windstorm passes.

I stand, hair rearranged, and gaze out window again–watch this picture of motherhood. This swirling, wracking windstorm.

I wrap arms around chilled body and see it.

This beautiful storm.

And I think of them.

The mothers.

I think of how they too wait. Through beauty, through storms.

And the Advent of motherhood stirs names and faces.

The mother who waits for a new day, as she watches her son mourn a lifelong friend.

The mother who became grandmother; and waits with grace– carrying the light of Jesus into the midst.

The mother acutely tuned to each pang that may announce birth forthcoming.

The mother waiting to be reunited with a son that will spend this Christmas in a cold jail cell instead of his family’s warm embrace.

The missionary mom, balancing motherhood and a call to a new frontier as she waits for seeds planted to grow.

The mom who waits and believes for healing–as she holds her son through painful procedures and treatments.

I think of the countless mothers who have lost children. The mothers-at-heart who long for a child of their own. And the faithful mothers who watch their children grow, gently wooing them to that day when they will have lives of their own.

And I yearn.

In the yearning is the prayer. And in the prayer is the yearning.

For safe deliveries and Christmas hugs, for healing and reconciliation, for comfort and strength. For prayers answered.

And as I move from the window–from these bits of prayers and love scattered in the wind–I pray for them sweet dream-moments shared in a warm kitchen while the wind rages outside.

I pray for them cookies.

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  1. says

    Hard to keep back tears Laura. Your writing makes beautiful thoughts come to life – thoughts that are common to us all and uncommonly lovely in your words.
    Thank you for placing me in such amazing company. I look forward to getting to know them.

  2. says

    Oh Laura,

    There is such beauty and love in your writing. I am so thankful God brought you into my life. You inspire me to heavenly places always. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

    In His precious love,

  3. says

    Once again, your written words express the things that are part of us, but unsaid. Beautiful, just like you.
    Love you, dear friend.

  4. says

    What a beautiful post Laura!
    I pray for them all of the things that make this season and life so wonderful! A full heart can do that. 🙂 Your heart is definitely full of the recognition of wonderfully great blessings.!

  5. says

    Laura, Wow! The storm evokes such feeling. I can’t wait to meet these mommy buddies!! I love how God brings us together through waiting, praying, weathering. thanks.

  6. says

    Hi, Laura! I was away from my blog for quite a while for many reasons. But, am back at it and just ordered some equipment today that will get me off of dial-up and on a wireless connection for my new lap top! This overcomes a major previous obstacle and I got FABULOUS deals all round so I am a very happy camper!

    Oh! This post was so tender and inspiring and I could PICTURE it and SMELL the cookies. The whole wind and the leaves thing is so eery, because I am working on something that wind and leaves moved me to, as I drove to church yesterday morning!

    Writing – yes and no…working on it…it. THANK you for helping us get back connected! I am still trying to find my way around again.

    Feeling the wind in the leaves, and PRAYING for the mothers

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