A Goodbye

I woke up early this morning and had a little cry. It took me by surprise, though I should have been better prepared.

Argus left us today. This afternoon we took him to meet his new family and left him in their capable hands.

It’s funny how God’s creatures move into our hearts so completely. We will miss Argus.

The evening has not been without tears. But we know how blessed we are to have had this sweet doggie in our lives for this short time…we are honored to have helped in saving his life and nursing him back to health.

He’s not the same dog that we took into our home at Thanksgiving. And I’m so glad. He has a new life now.

Jeffrey made this list of Argus facts to help his new family get him settled in a little easier. Here is our Argus Advice:

  • Argus not only requires human touch–he demands it. If you ignore him, he will nudge you with his paw until you pet him. 
  • Argus is a paper eater. Guard all paper products, especially used napkins.   
  • If you stare at Argus (within sight of his one good eye) and slowly walk away, maintaining eye contact…Argus takes this as an invitation to chase.   
  • He likes to play tug-a-war.
  • He often runs over people and jumps on top of other animals unknowingly due to his limited eyesight.
  • Argus has bad gas. 
  • Argus has a sensitive tummy and seems to react–um–loosely when given the cheap dog food that we give our beloved Lucy Mae. Only the best for Argus. 
  • He loves to be scratched on his rump.   
  • Argus is the only Boston Terrier we’ve ever known who loves the snow.
  • Argus must be taken out first thing in the morning. Otherwise, he’ll get excited when he sees you and give you an–erm–dribbly greeting.
  • Argus will sleep happily in the crate, but lately has discovered the joy of the big bed. He loves comfy comforters.
  • Argus favors his back left leg and sometimes has a little trouble jumping up onto high places.
  • Don’t forget to take a sample to the vets in two weeks to make sure his worms are completely gone.
  • Argus likes to sleep on his back.
  • Argus is a bed hog.
  • Argus’s other eye was damaged too (you will see a tiny dot in the middle of it) but it has healed nicely and is now scar tissue. He seems to see fine out of this eye.
  • Argus is named after a creature from Greek mythology that had one hundred eyes.
  • When Argus looks at you with his one good eye, your heart will melt and you will fall in love! He is a very very special dog.

last morning snuggle with Argus

I got my snuggle in too!


On the way to meet the new family.


Argus meets Chris

Argus liked Chris’ beard

Live well, sweet boy. Live well.


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    AWWWW! He sounds like he is a very sweet dog. I bet that giving him up is really hard for your kids. What a great thing for your family to do for a dog who needs to be cared for. Very unselfish indeed. 🙂

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