Dude! It’s the BibleDude!

Outside of work, I am very active in my church where I’ve led young adults ministry for several years, but recently shifted my focus over to working with our ‘bible college’ where I teach classes on basic Bible Interpretation, Evangelism, Homiletics, and other Bible and Ministry related courses.
So if it is not obvious, I am a teacher at heart. 

Meet Dan King, AKA: the BibleDude.

Dan is a corporate training manager for one of the nation’s largest telecommunications companies. He’s also our Social Media Editor at High Calling Blogs. That means he’s on top of all things Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc…and he keeps us up on it too. He is linked in, hooked up, tagged, and status updated.

But you heard it from the man’s mouth. He’s a Bible teacher at heart.

That’s my kind of friend.

Dan is completely sold out to Jesus. If you visit his blog, BibleDude.net, you’ll find an amazing collection of articles, interviews, book reviews, and other faith related materials. Dan’s insatiable hunger for God is evidenced in the variety and scope of topics he features.

One cannot leave Dan’s site without feeling his excitement for the Lord. His passion for sharing his faith shows in some of the ways he spends his time (numerous ministries, writing about faith, helping to lead Vacation Bible School for over 400 kids!!).

But what makes me happiest, says Dan, is studying the Bible. I am currently working on completing my degree in Church Ministries (and then eventually Religious Education) through Global University. I have found that the more that I learn about my God, the more that I fall in love with Him!

Head on over and visit the BibleDude. Enter at your own risk. Your inner dude will be ignited.


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    “Ignite your inner dude”… I love it! Thanks for the great introduction Larua! I’m totally stoked to be a part of this team and letting iron sharpen iron!

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    Yes, I like what bd liked. That was the funniest quote. And the one about being linked in… etc, etc. You have recently been letting your inner *funny girl* come out, and I like that a whole lot.

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    Dan, you sound as plugged in and busy as I am. Let’s get it all done while keeping our sanity, family and spiritual lives in tact!
    “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” That was a theme from the youth retreat I was on last weekend, and boy has that verse been top of mind this week!

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