I noticed it just as the guests began to arrive.

Rushing by to begin the receiving–tiny flicker at the corner of my eye.

I stopped.

House tidied, food on table, champagne chilled. Forty-some guests arriving. Everything set to ring in the New Year under this blue moon.

And my oven on fire.

Stooping to rescue the artichoke dip (and chicken fingers for the kids); I watched the tiny flame engulf the bottom element, traveling from beginning to end steadfastly.

Burned up.
the element…burned up

They came anyway, and thankfully, the flame was soon forgotten in the midst of laughter and much merry-making. And when the clock struck midnight, we raised our glasses high and toasted this blue moon–this gift of extraordinary friendship…bonds knitted together by the hand of God.

2009 burned boldly–followed its course from beginning to end steadfastly. The departure of time lost in the gifts of the passing days. As the flame of the past year wanes, my heart fills with gratitude that the work of time continues on…And there are many blue moons to come.

Happy New Year, Beloveds. Many blessings in the coming year.


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    I love a full moon- thankfully I now Who created it or like a pagan I would worship the full moon- Alas! The clouds hid it from me last night. Fortunately my God is not hidden! Happy New Decade!

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