Giving, Still

The boys and I spent our afternoon off at the park today.

With temperatures nearing 60F, the call to come out and play was too insistent to ignore.

We walked Lucy Mae along trails under blue skies and shed worn trees and talked about what it must have meant to have one’s Civil Rights violated. As the sun fell on our shoulders we imagined what it would feel like to only be able to drink from certain fountains…eat at certain restaurants…look at certain people…

They wanted to know about sit-ins, bus boycotts, segregated schools, and what it means to protest nonviolently. We talked about the hope that one man gave to a people. We talked about how he sacrificed his life for a dream.

And I watched realization and incomprehensibility wash over them. I watched compassion grow–awareness awaken.

After dinner we gathered around the screen and watched Martin Luther King, Jr.’s I Have a Dream speech on You-tube. They were glued. As was I.

It was captivating.

It’s been a rough week for two white boys from the suburbs. Tough on this mama too. Understanding our place in this world can bring a heavy burden.

We haven’t forgotten Haiti, Beloveds. We haven’t forgotten the poor and broken. And we haven’t forgotten the tragedies of the past. Lord, help us to help. Teach us how. It overwhelms. Overwhelm us with love. Overwhelm us with you.

From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked. (Luke 12:48b)


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    Gorgeous pics, Laura. Love the deep blue sky. And that pic with the sides blurred and the backs of the boys….that is soooo good.

    I didn’t know you had a hidden talent. Or maybe I just forgot.

    60 degrees. Where are you? I’m sure south or mid country unlike Indiana lucky to break 40.

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    What great wisdom you are pouring into your boys Laura. It is a gift, I think, to be able to see things from someone else’s perspective.
    Our daughter is bi-racial (we adopted her when she was three months old.) I got just a tiny peek at what life can be like when people treat you with prejudice. It’s an awful feeling.

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    It was warm here, too! It is tough conveying to our kids the reality of all these things. Once I told someone I would consider myself a good mom if my kids only learned one thing and lived it out. That one thing is this: “To love the Lord their God with all their heart, mind, and soul and love their neighbor as theirself.”
    Blessings, andrea

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    What a lovely way to spend a beautiful day, Laura.
    As a child from a family that includes an adopted Black brother and an adopted Korean sister, I too, have walked too close to the prejudice that birthed this day of honor for Martin Luther King, Jr. and Civil Rights. What you teach is important.
    One of my prayers is that God would break my heart for what breaks His. He answers.

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    Laura, I thought I’d stop by. I think it’s great that you guys have this Martin Luther King Day to remember him and the revolution he started!

    I recently read a book by Philip Yancey in which he tells the story of his own life and the influence Martin Luther King had on him. Philip experienced it first hand.

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    Laura, I love how you invest in your two boys. Giving them so much more….and loving them deeply. Listening to their hearts and sharing your own with them. Training them up! Love YOU!

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    He continues to overwhelm & shine in the midst of it all–from the country churches to the rubble in Haiti to the messes within our own hearts.

    Just think, we both marveled under the same deep blue sky yesterday–only separated by miles and miles, but joined by sons. 😉


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