How To Make A Bed

I made my bed this morning.

Cleaned the kitchen. Did some laundry.

And all the while, I am thinking of this.

A mother digs for her child. A man trapped under tons of concrete. Dead bodies lined along the streets.

Outside my window, the snowbirds forage under the feeder. Snow is melting.

I am thirsty. I take a drink. I think about that Barefoot Contessa recipe I want to make. The ingredients I need. Will the salmon be good today?

And the ghosts of Haiti call to me across the ocean.

The truth is…tragedy comes every second. Mass devastation opens our eyes, but help is needed every day.

We give our first fruits when we commit to make a regular contribution.

Will you consider making a difference for a child? A people? A nation?

Please give.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance
Salvation Army

Quick gifts can be offered through the Red Cross:
text “HAITI” to “90999” and a donation of $10 will be given automatically to the Red Cross (billed to your cell phone account)


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    It is so hard and that is good…makes me press in and pray better. Mostly He’s directed my thoughts to those still alive, trapped who will most likely not survive…that He will reveal Himself…grant them peace, snatch some from the fire…..sitting here talking with our youngest who has been there and how she KNOWS people in this country don’t have a clue. Poverty over there and corruption over there doesn’t compare to what we know in this country. She still remembers the power going off each afternoon just because…the SMELL…the trash everywhere….how horrible things were and that was all before the multiple storms in 2008 and this earthquake….prayer for a long time needs to go up….the sheer number of missionaries in that country is amazing…just praying God does LOTS of miracles…encourages the workers and strengthens them for all they will see. It is so beyond comprehension..

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    Thank you for this post. Talking about Haiti is giving hope.

    I posted a short while ago another piece on Haiti titled “Simply This for Haiti”, my ideas for what anyone can do.

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    A good reminder, Laura, and yes, I will endeavor to add my “small” to others to have a big impact.

    Such a week of sacred pause for me; my questions have been many, both for tragedy that strikes on a large scale and tragedy that strikes closer to home.

    My heart has been exposed, opened up and the knife has been sharp.

    How I lean into the gentle hands of God who best cares for my wounding as we go.


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    I heard on Air1 and KLove about the quick gift via cell phone. That is the coolest thing. So quick so easy. Easier than going to a website or making a call. A great idea to get more donations.

    It’s very hard to live our comfortable lives knowing the devastation. They didn’t have much to begin with and now…

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    Already feeling raw and exposed from our own family’s loss here at home, I can barely stand the images of Haiti. Yet, they scream in decibels beyond compare. May we all give now BUT may it continue beyond the immediate.


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    It makes what seems big to us in our lives seem so small, doesn’t it? My trouble pale in comparison to what they are experiencing. May each and every one find the grace and mercy of God as they walk this road…..

    Love your heart!

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