Jumping on the Bed

Shards of light
fall from sky
on carpet
of deep
and life sleeps
except one…
who must walk
the dogs.
foot on
this bed seems
a heinous
offense. but
i want to
ruffle these
and shake
the sheets.
there is no
for play;
world is waking
sleepy eyes
peer from
and I
must go
to work.


  1. says

    Wonderful, with a perfect title.

    Life intrudes so suddenly on what is but a moment like a dream; voices start up and . . . well, you’ve saved the moment here and we all imagine what it’s like.

  2. says

    I just love the metaphor here – I am neurotic about having a bed with no wrinkles in it, but in the snow – “I want to jump, ruffle these covers and shake out the sheets” – you TEMPT me to much! OH, I miss snow!

  3. says

    Your poems and words always speak to my heart. I awoke this morning with a migraine. When I read this poem, it was if GOD was saying: Shake off the pain of this world….let ME fight your battles!
    Thank you, Laura for continually being a living vessel for HIM.

  4. says

    Does this make us monkeys? (“Mama called the doctor and the doctor said…”)

    I won’t call the doctor on you if you won’t call him on me! Next time we get enough for a snow angel, I want to see if I can plop backwards into it before waving my arms and legs.

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