Meditation with Movement

I thought my feet were planted flat on the ground.

But when I check–roll around on the balls; spread toes to earth–I see I’ve been leaning too far to one side.

And so I reach, with the center of me; open my heart and rock back and forth until I find solid ground.

I am a tree planted by streams of Living Water. Roots hold firm, silently extending down–drinking up depths and nourishment, anchoring me here…with Him.

I stretch branches up and rough bark becomes supple, velvet with moss…I invite Him in and feel Him pass through leaves; rustle places long asleep–making music where there is none; creating beauty out of light.

In this quiet I hear His voice. What others intend to empty, He fills.

I am yours.

Soft, like breeze caress the words move over me.

El Roi…You see me. You know my heart.

Eyes close but His never do.

El Shaddai…All sufficient One. You fill. 

He washes me–laps up against my soiled heart and carries away the dirt.

Jehovah Rapha…Healer. You tend to deeply wounded places.

I am whole.

It continues on, as I move limbs–bend and sway to His music. Leaves lift, wave in joyous surrender as we dance.

I am more than bark and leaves…heart beats loud within this forest. His Spirit lives in me.

Sap oozes and the sweetness of His love drips from my pores.

He is here beside me; I see Him better with my heart–eyes closed to world, hands held loosely open.

He gives.

And gives.

I do not clutch these things tightly…but wrap my life around Him. Vines entwine, whisper into crevices, knotty limbs embrace…

This is the way I grow.


  1. says

    Isn’t it wonderful how we can bend and sway and maybe even fall off course and He’s always there to right us, get us back on path, and still not miss a thing?

    I like visualize the gentle movement during the meditation.

  2. says

    WOW! Every part of this message touched me including the photo.

    This says it all dear sister, “In this quiet I hear His voice. What others intend to empty, He fills.”

    Thank you for BLESSING!

    Love you.

  3. says

    “Jehovah Rapha…Healer. You tend to deeply wounded places.”

    Love this line. It took me back to “She Speaks” where my name was placed on this name of God.

    So powerful, that after coming back and reading this post for about the third time, it still give me shivers down my back.

    Thank You God, that You tend to those deeply wounded places in us!

    Love you, Laura,

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