Fun Friday: Holiday

Today the rain falls and I am filled with expectation.

There is talk of snow on the way.

This quiet hope, this swelling joy reminds me of something Matthew Kelty writes:

When rain turns to ice and snow I declare a holiday. I could as easily resist as stay at a desk with a parade going by in the street below. I cannot hide the delight that then possesses my heart. Only God could have surprised rain with such a change of dress as ice and snow…
Most people love rain, water. Snow charms all young hearts. Only when you get older and bones begin to feel dampness, when snow becomes a traffic problem and a burden in the driveway, when wet means dirt–then the poetry takes flight and God’s love play is not noted.
But I am still a child and have no desire to take on the ways of death. I shall continue to heed water’s invitation, the call of the rain. We are in love and lovers are a little mad. The season of love is soon over; one is young but once…

I’m declaring a holiday today, friends.


There is evidence of His presence all around. God leaves footprints in the snow. He walks among us.

And I am transformed from child to lover…waiting by the window for my Beloved. Yes, lovers are a little mad.

Ain’t it grand?


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    Living down south we only get the rain. Would so like to have the enjoyment of snow. The stillness that comes when the earth is blanketed in snow. Enjoy!

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    We’ve had a bit of snow last week but today it’s raining buckets! But I still rejoice because my creek out back fills up and somehow that roiling creek makes me feel very full of life and hope!

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    Nice layout. Like the pink and birds. Very festive for that dread holiday coming…I mean that wonderfully special holiday…NOT. Never liked my birthday exactly one week from the dreaded holiday…I mean lovers’ holiday.

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    i like the idea of such a holiday! thank you for sharing these words from Kelty – i like the thought of “God’s love play” – i want to be like a child and enjoy the mystery of the changing seasons because i find it hard to enjoy the damp, rain, and cold

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    His footprints cave
    as a cloud falls in
    a well of white to
    mark a path erased
    remade, re-traced
    walked in joy
    for eye’s delight
    with laughter’s echo
    turned water
    in cupped hand

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    It is unquestionably grand Laura. I do love your heart. If we lived next door, I’d invite you to make a snowman and then come in and warm up with a hot chocolate. I thought I had had my fill of snow, but you have made me a tad nostalgic for those magical days.
    Have a joyful day!!

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    Well, I have snow…just shoveled the steps and the driveway. Figured I better do some now and hopefully tomorrow morning won’t be so daunting but with 20-30 inches forecasted I am not sure it will make a difference! :o)

    Hope you can share in a flake or two!

    Grace, my friend!

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