Not a Spitting Camel

After years of hard work and politicking, I’ve finally clawed my way to the Executive Suite, and guess what? IT’S GREAT! Except that after a while I started thinking, hmm…. What does God really think about all this? Does He mind about the money I’m making? Is He disappointed that I’m building profits and share value instead of disciples? Does He get worried if I question scripture every now and then? So,the writing in this Blog is my attempt to work it all out. Hopefully. But without all the religious pretense and presumptions.

These are the words of Bradley J. Moore, our Work Content Editor at High Calling Blogs. For a few weeks I’ve been introducing you to my fellow travelers over there, and today I would like you to meet the man we affectionately term, “The Camel”.

This has nothing to do with Bradley’s physique–as far as I know he does not have a hump on his back (I’ve never met him face-to-face so I can’t be quite sure about that)–but refers to our shortened version of the name of Bradley’s blog, Shrinking the Camel. 

Why Shrinking the Camel?

Bradley explains on his blog:

Remember the scripture In Matthew 19, where Jesus tells his crowd of disciples that it’s easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to get into heaven? Sure you do. Everyone knows that one.
After he says this, the disciples are bewildered (as usual) and they say, “All right Jesus, enough drama. Really, how do you expect anyone to get into heaven, then?” This is one time I appreciate the dumb questions that those disciples asked.
I lean in a little closer, to hear the answer. Jesus tells them, “You’re right, boys. Lucky for you, with God all things are possible. I’m just telling you to be careful not to get too caught up with money.” (My interpretation, of course.)
Jesus makes it very clear that the truth is, God can shrink that camel like magic, and it’ll slip right through the needle, no problem! Everyone always forgets that part of the story.

Bradley is a corporate executive who also happens to be a Christian. In his own words Bradley writes about “the challenges of integrating my career, family and spirituality — without censoring the messy, ridiculous, cynical and irreverent thoughts that happen to tag along with my current outlook on life.”

Aside from his day job as a Senior Vice President and his position as our Work Content Editor at the High Calling Blogs, Bradley is a regular contributor to several online magazines including HighCalling, InsideWork, SalesGravy and BlogCritics. His writing has also been featured in the The Conference Board Review magazine and The Chicago Sun Times.

Bradley Moore is a man who understands the high calling in our work, whether that is as a corporate executive of chief diaper changer. His thoughts on what goes on in the boardroom frequently apply to our most noble work: the work of living.

Head on over to Shrinking the Camel and say hello to Bradley. You won’t have to pass through the eye of a needle to do so!

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    Don’t you think it is far more important to think about and take action regarding what we do with what we have rather than worry about how much we have? That was definitely a run on sentence. You know what I mean! I pray GOD will keep me aware of others needs….
    Blessings, andrea

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    I think Camel has two humps. One hump carries the questions; the other, clues to the Way to answers.

    We might never know which will be opened on any particular day but we can be sure the contents always will be revealing.

  3. says

    Our tour guide in Jerusalem showed us the supposed ‘Needle Gate’. A camel couldn’t go through laden with packs. It had to be stripped of everything to get through. Urban legend? It doesn’t matter, it’s a beautiful metaphor and we love how you are answering the call, dear camel. 🙂

  4. says

    I’m taking some TweetSpeak liberties, calling Bradley the Camel!

    I asked my boys if they thought it was rude to call this post title “No Spitting Camel” (meaning, what comes from his mouth is much wiser! Perhaps I should have said that.) They suggested “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Camel”. I have no idea where that came from.

    Jeffrey maintains that camels don’t spit, only Llamas, while Teddy believes they both do.

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    I really loved this introduction, and one thing that stood out was this excerpt from Bradley’s blog:

    “Jesus makes it very clear that the truth is, God can shrink that camel like magic, and it’ll slip right through the needle, no problem! Everyone always forgets that part of the story.”

    I’m glad to be hanging with a Camel who reminds us that whether we’re the CFO in a corner office or the barista at the corner Starbucks…with God, all things are possible.

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    Hey! Thanks for all the kind comments! I especially am taken by Maureen’s description of the two humps – One with the questions, and the other with clues to the Way. That just about sums up my writing style. Sometimes I’m more interested in just asking questions, other times in giving some ideas and clues. But one thing I know – None of us will ever have all the answers!

    Thanks again Laura, for posting this introduction!

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