Argus Update

Remember this little guy?

He stole our hearts.

Well, as the snow melted recently, and–um–evidence of his time with us was–er–uncovered, Jeffrey started missing him again.

So I sent out a plea for an update from Argus’s new family.

Here is the message I received:

He is doing very well! He is such a little lover. He and our other dog Bella couldn’t be happier to have each other around. They play and wrestle and play tug of war with their babies. Which they go through alot of! But whatever make em happy 🙂 He still likes 2 chase the cats but not as much as he first did. But yeah we all adore that lil bugger. His gas is still enough 2 make an elephant cry but it’s still a little giggle inducing when he has audable ones! 

And here’s the picture:

He looks pretty happy, doesn’t he? (sniff).

Good boy, Argus.


  1. says sweet. We’re on the hunt to find a new dog after our diva left us in Nov. I miss not having an animal around. We get to keep our daughters big lug every once in a while and it is pure joy to have a critter around to love on.

  2. says

    May your heart continue to overflow!

    I hope you don’t mind if I splash around today and get to know you. Don’t worry, if I make a mess, I’ll mop it up. Always delighted to meet new friends.


  3. says

    He does look happy Laura – due in large measure, I am sure, to the love all of you gave him before he went to his new home. It really was nice that you were able to get an update.
    Have a blessed weekend. You are always in my prayers.

  4. says

    I will simply never have enough minutes and hours to catch up here…Argus, gone? Laura, I hope this finds you well. How I have missed the spring of your words…forgive me for being so long! love you, lisa xoxo

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