Holy Wednesday

It’s Tuesday evening of Holy Week before I remember.

We haven’t dyed our eggs yet.

We are on our way home from music lessons, and I glance in the mirror at my boys as I realize. It’s almost Easter. Do I really want to go there this late in the game? Waste all those eggs for a few moments of fun?

This is the first year they haven’t asked.

Are they too old for such things now?

The thought makes me a little sad as I remember our traditions. The cousins used to hide the plastic eggs for them after Easter dinner. Chubby legs would toddle from bush to bush, peeking in secret places for hidden treasure.

Now their cousins are off to college. And there are no more small ones in the family.

Perhaps it’s time to start new traditions.

The thought is lost in traffic and chores and all the beauty that goes into keeping this household.

But she peeks at me from behind the trees this morning.

I grab my camera and stand on the back deck in the blue light of dawn. So beautiful. At first my head is full of aperture and shutter speed and ISO. How best to capture?

I am staring at her through this viewfinder when the beauty penetrates my heart. I lower the camera. See with my eyes.

And I remember.

I remember this conversation with Jeffrey a couple years ago. I remember feeling this way. I close my eyes and see more.

His bent head in the garden. Broken heart, bent knees.

In the shadow of the nearly full moon this morning, as my breath escaped in tendrils released to the atmosphere…The sorrow of Holy Week struck me.

And I longed for Sunday.

It is for joy that He gave up His life. That we may live to the full.

Light begins to creep and her silver face grows dim. But my heart is imprinted with all she has seen.

I slip back inside. Put up the camera. Look in the fridge.

I’m going to have to buy more eggs.


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    Yes, dear friend, this truly is awesome as Jennifer said.

    I went outside the night before last and tried to capture a picture of the bright moon. It didn’t come out as I had hoped, but I was captivated by it’s beauty, in awe of it’s brightness and just totally embraced that moment as well. I stood there in the cold of the night, looking up as you did in the early hours of the morning and after trying to capture two shots of it, I too removed the lens from my eye and took in the awesomeness of it all…breathed in the cool crisp air of the night and my thoughts were of Him too only in all of His creation, splendor and glory…it took my breath away.

    Thank you for bringing to your place today, to Him…yes, this was truly awesome.


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    Coloring Eggs has always been a tradition at our home too…we used to have laying hens so we never had to worry about buying them to color or eat.

    I like keeping the tradition, but don’t miss messing with the chickens. Great post!


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    Great post and very thoughtful.. We love and worship an amazing Savior and remembering His sacrifices for us this week – is humbling…

    Love to you –

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    Thank you for sharing with us dear sister in Christ.

    I especially love this: “It is for joy that He gave up His life. That we may live to the full.”

    Love you.

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    Monday night after Bible study as we were walking out the door (at about 8:15 p.m.) one of my friends said “Oh….look at the moon! It’s beautiful!!”
    I really wanted to take a picture, but didn’t. My camera doesn’t really capture how beautiful it really is. I sure did take special notice of it though and thanked God for His beautiful creations.

    I was just looking at past Easter pictures of my kids and their cousins hunting eggs. There is one of my two coloring eggs that I just love. Those memories are so fun to think back on.

    Just think…..next year at this time I’ll have a little

    God is good.

    Thanks Laura. As always your post blessed me!

    Happy Easter.
    Love to you,

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    Oh, Laura. My little ones are now 16, 22, and 25. We stopped coloring eggs about 3 years ago. But, we are going to do it this year because our oldest and his girlfriend will be here from Washington D.C. You see, his girlfriend is from Vietnam and we love every opportunity to show her these fun traditions! And I am going to have the joy of remembering!
    Get lots of eggs!

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