Jeffrey Boggess and the Daring Rescue

“I’m writing a book.”

“Another one?”

“Yes. This one is going to be a series.”

“What’s it about?”

“It’s about our family, and all my friends, and this guy I don’t know. I named him Clyde.”


“Umm hmm. Clyde is given the power to take over the universe and he turns evil.”

“Oh, my.”

“And me and my friends–and Teddy– are given the good power to fight Clyde. And LucyMae. Lucy is with us too.”

“LucyMae fights evil?”

“Umm hmm. And Clyde kidnaps you and daddy and we have to rescue you. And we have to travel all over the universe. Each book will be a different adventure on our way to rescue you.”

The lights are out and the pillow talk starts and I stare up at the ceiling in the dark and think how small his universe is.

He’s given the power to take over the universe…and he kidnaps you and daddy.

I squeeze his hand and shift Lucy with my leg–she always wedges in between us during the Tucking In–luxuriating in the white fuzzy blanket Jeffy calls home at night.

This is his universe. We are his universe.

The thought silences me and I am lost momentarily…until I am called back to this place, in this white fuzzy blanket, on this bed, with this dog between my legs, beside this boy.

“I’m calling it Jeffrey Boggess and the Daring Rescue.”

And I think about The Rescues–the big one and the Even Bigger One–in my life and I can’t breathe for a minute.

I am filled with it all anew: the wonder. That I can reach out my hand and touch Jesus in my life astounds me. He announces Himself. And I am Simon Peter, falling to my knees at the great bounty before me.

“Do you like it?”


“Jeffrey Boggess and the Daring Rescue? Do you like the title?”

Do I?

“Well, I just…I just think it’s perfect.”

Because everyone wants to be rescued.


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    You have such a way in creating evocative stories. Even this simple bedtime goodnight is so touching.

    It sounds like there’s more than one writer in the family!

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    I think you boy and mine bump minds (and hearts) out there in Imagination Land. Isn’t it grand the things our boys tell us at tucking-in time? I think it is my favorite part of the day.

    If LucyMae needs any canine back-up, we have an ever-willing and large tail-wielding lab named CharlieHarley! 😉


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    “Everyone wants to be rescued!” Love that! I celebrate our rescues, Laura! The pit is free of us … and we are freed from it! Praise the Lord! Love you!

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    “This is his universe; we are his universe”…

    That strikes me in a profound way. Indeed, how small and yet intricately big their worlds are at this age. And the kicker? They are are completely OK and at peace with it all.

    Oh Father, make me like a child again; help me to dream that big and to believe it all possible simply because you’ve put it in my heart and mind to reach beyond my borders and imagine the impossible.

    PS: Tell Jeffrey thumbs up on the title for a thousand different reasons!

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    I love the tucking in time Laura. What precious moments you are tucking into your boys’ hearts.
    The youth choir sang a song a long time ago that still echoes in my mind:
    “I need You Jesus. Come to my rescue.”
    And He comes – oh wonderful truth – He comes.
    P.S. I love that title!!

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    I just came across your site from another friend’s site…I absolutely love your writing. So precious are our children and your bedtime story oh so beautiful!

    I became a follower of your site tonight and wanted to formally introduce myself. I invite you over to my site “Humble As I Go” and would be honored if you felt led to join as a follower after reading there.


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    Not only does everyone want to be rescued, but I think everyone also wants to be tucked in at night.

    Being rescued is big and fantastic, but being tucked in every night gives us a few sweet, quiet, slow moments with someone we love. Maybe we want that even more than the rescue? Or maybe tucking in is in fact a daily “rescue” from all that we’ve faced during the preceding day?

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