Music Box

She kept
her heart
in a cedar
high up
on a shelf
the closet–
little hands
could not
touch it.
she would take
it down
and let us
at paper clippings
silver JFK half-
dried flowers
and a necklace of
faux stones
her mother
to wear.
and if we
turned the metal peg
the saddest
music played–
like breaking glass.
our hearts
when she put
the box

we broke our Lenten fasts today. jeffrey was so excited to enjoy dessert after a week without. we made a fancy trifle…and it was so yummy. he enjoyed it so much, and i cherished him even more. and then i was a little girl again–feeling sorry for myself. so i determined to find a happy memory. and this was it: my mother’s music box. the song was Lara’s theme. the hinges broken. i don’t know the story of where the box came from. but she treasured it so. and i treasure the memory. 


  1. says

    There is such poignancy in what we keep, what we share, what we box up for others to find years later and all over again.

    This tender poem calls forth many memories of my own.

  2. says

    My mother had one that played “Edelweiss.” My wife has a pink leather one in a box in the basement, and it’s filled with exactly those kind of “treasures.”

  3. says

    I love that your break “fast” on Sundays during Lent. As it should be in keeping with tradition… in keeping with Resurrection.

    Blessed week to you and yours and make some sweet memories for your sons to cherish forever!


  4. says

    That is such a precious memory, Laura. My grandmother had a music box as well. It was made of burlwood, and came from France. I have no idea what happened to it.

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