Palm Sunday

Sunday Sermon Notes
I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life
John 14:1-7
the palm’s leafy fingers
rest on my lap and
music stills
as faith
and grace


water cupped
and released mats
shiny curls, drips
translucent rivulets
down cherubic cheeks


already His…
now, ours also.

it was a busy week,
she said. again.
and spoke of
donkey and treacherous
fingers dipped in
and preparing rooms

for the bride.

words vivified by
the leafy hand on
my knees

i am

because faith and
grace wear white
dresses and
i am swept
up in this
Great Romance.


  1. says

    Beautiful…your notes always bless me!!

    Thank you for your prayer for Lisa and for always faithfully supporting the prayer requests I place on arise 2 write.
    Hugs, andrea

  2. says

    I saw you on Leas blog, there she is above me ; ) and had to stop by to say HI. Lovely post.

    Also, saw your post on the forsythia project! How fun is that?! I saw the first picture and thought they were REAL and started missing mine. (We just moved to Fl from Michigan, where I had 30 yr old Forsythia bushes!) I just might be doing this very project this week! Thanks for sharing such a neat and easy idea.

    I also saw that you like Sarah Groves and Kristy Knockels…two of my favs!

    Nice meeting you…Shell

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