Clear blue calls and so I go–head outside to run into the sky for the first time since the snows came.

Legs protest at first long reach…my muscles have grown short and bunchy over the past months, well honed to the squat round stride of the elliptical I’ve been training on during the dark days of winter; but clumsy on this cinder-strewn sidewalk. Despite this, spirit lifts and heart soars at the first steps under sun-illumine. I am a newborn fawn–all leggy and gawky–tremulous at the discovery of this power inside of me.

I struggle for rhythm and am lost under the canopy over head. It’s so easy to lope in–leave life behind, forget all the “nos” and griefs and broken dreams.

Knees begin to ache at the unfamiliar pounding and sinuses grow thick with shaken down mucus. My nose runs and lungs sting from cold air.

But still there is this: joy. I gasp at the raw elation I feel at the caress of this truant sun.

But maybe it’s just these lungs have grown soft, lost the feel of the wild air.

Just breathe through, I tell myself.

I run by the water reservoir and watch two men drop fishing lines into ice-crusted water. They sit motionless and wait. A gaggle of geese fall into familiar formation overhead and I feel the joy of soaring…soaring into God’s blue sky.

It takes two miles to warm up, as always, and I am groping for that familiar easing up. Body hums but remains sluggish and I wonder at this life–this continual cycle of death and rebirth and constant need to shift and recondition.

To the hill now and finally, I am breaking free of the listless winter. Nimble, it’s up we go and I know I will regret this on the morrow.

A flock of Cedar Waxwings startle from a branchy cherry tree and I gawk at their rakish black masks and tawny silkiness. They don’t go far, circle back around and land again, eager to pluck the dried fruit from this otherwise naked tree.

Oh, the wonder.

Where have you been? I ask Beauty. I have missed you so.

And though my body screams I push it hard and rejoice at the freedom in my limbs until I am running down the familiar street to home. As I round the final turn, I glance up at my neighbor’s pear tree and see the silver beginnings of leaves starting to bud on her reaching branches.

The promise that a new season is coming. The promise that spring will soon be here.

And I smile.


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    I love the promise of Spring…. I’m ready, so ready for it.. not just in the physical but in the spiritual….

    Hope you are doing well. Life has been very crazy here so I’ve not been blog visiting as often as I’d like. Every time I think life will slow down it starts back up again… Just found out my married daughter is having a baby… My oldest brought her boyfriend home to meet us last weekend… my oldest son broke his hand…etc, etc…

    Loved my visit here today and ALWAYS love your words!

  2. says

    So poetic.

    And I feel the beat here. …

    I’ve just begun my own crazy, absurd, exhiliarating running adventure. (I’m running a half-marathon in May — this mama who hasn’t run more than a mile since high school!!!!)

    So, yes, this speaks to me on so many levels. I felt all of that (which you wrote) this week. You bless me so.

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    I’ve seen several robins on the ground….a sure sign that spring is very near. I’m so ready. Seems like this winter has been colder & lasted longer than ever.

    As always, loved your post.

    <3 Valerie

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    You almost make running sound lovely and beautiful… almost. I went today myself. I suppose running with a friend would make it more enjoyable for me, but then I would be distracted from the sweet communion I always enjoy with God once I get out there. Not much to look at where I run, but then again, I’m not after scenery. I’m after thinking about Jesus, and with the help of an IPOD and good praise music, I rarely miss him. What joy he brings me in my obedience.

    So thankful I have God as my running companion.


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    It’s coming! Same here in Pennsylvania! Yesterday was such a beauty-promise of Spring. Today looks like it will be nice too.

    And I will be on a treadmill this afternoon.

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