Smiling Moon

When the Moon Smiles At Me
Sometimes the moon smiles at me.                                                     
When the Moon smiles at me  
     in the twinkling of a dark night,                      
I know the sun has gone to sleep
    far below the western horizon.

I search for old friends in the sky                                                                   
    and I see why the moon is happy.

When the moon smiles at me  
     in the quiet stillness of dawn,                          

           before the world awakens,
 I know the sun will soon peek above the hills
            and kiss the morning dew goodbye.

Then her moon smile will slip away
in the brilliance of the morning.         
I think the moon smiles because she has a secret–                                        
            one that she cannot keep to herself for long.
For the secret of the moon’s round face

            is hidden behind her smile.

But every month, out in the deepness of space                                               

            the sun shines fully on her roundness.
And her secret is revealed.     
There is no more hiding her face.                                                                  
When I see the moon smiling,
I know her secret.
Her beautiful face hides
            behind that smile.
And I smile back.
Tonight, as I drove home from a friend’s house, I looked up to see this beautiful crescent, lying on her back. It reminded me of this children’s book I wrote several years ago. I tried my hand at watercolors too…in an attempt to get a feel for what I wanted the book to look like. The result was sweet, but not very marketable (as I was told by the agent I pitched it to). Never mind, every time the moon is in this phase, it tenders my heart and makes me smile.
I hope it makes you smile too.
“…it will be established forever like the moon,
the faithful witness in the sky.”–Psalm 89:37

photo by Irargerich, flickr creative commons


  1. says

    Beautiful! I love watching the moon move through its phases as I move through the phases of my life. I never thought of the crescent as a smile, though — now I won’t be able to forget!

  2. says

    Your first image of the moon is so stunning. I could linger for a long while, seeing it against that black touched with silver.

    Your watercolors are delicate. They say a lot even without words. Lovely.

  3. says

    Yes, I fell in love with this photo! Found it on flickr…some gorgeous shots of the moon in Creative Commons there. The shots I took myself did not do the smiling moon justice. But this one was perfect.

  4. says

    I love the moon. I have always said that if I dind’t know better I could be a pagan – totally satisfied go worship the moon- it’s cycles intrigue me. I guess it is becuase they remind me of God’s faithfullness. Sometimes he shows up in his fullness. Other times I don’t feel or see him. And often he smiles at me. Thanks for the precious reminder.

  5. says

    This reminds me of one of my favorite children’s authors, Cynthia Rylant. She grew up in WVa and has done some stunning work with her words and finding artistry to go with. I simply adore all of her stuff. She’s even written about the “moon” on occasion.

    I think the moon smiles because it’s keeping a secret regarding the new day to come.

    Love it all, friend. Again, you’ve got me thinking about your “next.”


  6. says

    Laura ,
    I literally just came in from outside, staring up at the moon and thinking of how I would write something about this sliver like a bowl of wonder .

    and to see this just makes me so very happy.

    and you are so talented.

  7. says

    As beautiful as the words are, I could look for a long, long time at the first watercolor.

    Your gifts are abundant. Thank you for sharing them.

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