What you see when you come through my front door:

It’s time to springify!

My friend Melissa tells me that March is National Crafting Month, or some such business, so I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring.

Here’s a fun little craft I’ve done in the past to bring a bit of the outside in…with lasting effects!

I love forsythia. Nothing says spring like forsythia. It speaks joy in a bright yellow package. But when I bring the real stuff in the house, the vibrant yellow blossoms turn brown in no time!

I found these inexpensive forsythia garlands at the dollar store.

The boys helped me collect some stray branches. All different sizes make it wonderful.

Then, we pop the artificial blossoms off and glue-gun them onto the real branches.

Wala! You have a vase full of joy all spring!


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