Sunday Sermon Notes
Confirmation Day
John 21:1-19

I cried all

morning, and when
I rubbed your back you
shood me away at
first. But then, you
leaned into it
because you
love me. And there you
were, in your dad’s
because I said you couldn’t
get confirmed in
so tall, with that
earnest look and I kept
remembering when
you were baptized; only
eight years old, you
rolled your eyes the
entire time and I was
humiliated. But today, you
stood like a man—my firstborn,
no more disport,                                                    
official Body part
now. The words on the
screen were about fishing;
about going back to
what is comfortable. But there’s
no going back, not now. Not
You have always been



  1. says

    I love the way you treasure all of these things in your heart Laura. Oh – they grow up so quickly, and there is always something wonderful to discover in each new season.

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