Journey Together

I start with the usual, the question that invites me into their world.

Tell me a little about what brings you here. Tell me your story.

She is alone. No family, just this one. But she looks around, bewildered. If I had read her chart ahead of time I would know. The stroke that ravaged her brain has left her with dysphasia —a language disorder that fights against the flow of words. She struggles.

Too late I realize my mistake. I’ve seen this look before. I begin to back pedal, search for a way to soothe her in this loss.

But then, it comes out.

I don’t know, she says, haltingly, everything was so perfectly, wonderfully beautiful…and then suddenly, it was not so.

This would be the longest sentence she says to me her entire stay in the hospital. I think about this gentle woman later in the day. I think about her before I go to bed. And I think about her the next morning.

Why do I write?

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    I checked the book out from the library yesterday just to have a look at it and I’m about ten chapters in now. 🙂 It’s good stuff. I’ll go through it with you guys though, slowly. I just felt inspired as I read. I love books that inspire.

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