Monster Mash: The Creature

at night I

of gill and
of fishy lips and
webbed hand
the creature walks among us.
like fragile
star of silent
screen, I
lift my arm
to face unseen;
faint daintily–so
nice and clean
the creature walks among us.
when scaly
embrace me
tight and
carry me into
the night;
I scream the
scream of
damsel fright
the creature walks among us.
I awake to
memories of
with family,
savoring popcorn
and company
no creature here among us.
here I find
my lungs breathe
and there’s no
seaweed in
my hair
sorrow for
the creature—
the one who
in all of
us; the
gentle forced
to make a fuss and
then is asked to
take the bus;
villainized—it’s so
this creature lives among us.
and so it is, the
laid bare–
we dive in
deep to
wash our cares;
try to breathe
with gills not
the creature drowns inside us.

We are having a monster mash over at High Calling Blogs! Head on over there and read all about it. This poem was inspired by a shortened version of The Creature Walks Among Us that my family used to watch on our old reel-to-reel. There was no sound, so much of the story was lost on this Saturday-morning-cartoon-watching bunch; but at the end of the film I always felt so sorry for the Creature. You can check the trailer out here. We never had the privilege of sound. Enjoy!


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    Liked your post today and I will enjoy following you.
    Please do drop by my blog if you have time:
    Days Touched By Grace and Simple Womans Daybook.
    It is always nice to meet new blogging friends. Blessings.

  2. says

    Oh Laura! This was just awesome! As I was reading this, at first, I kept thinking, “what in the world is she talking about?” But the ending was just so absolutely fabulous. I completely understood every word. I had to go back and read it several times. And every time it was better and better.

  3. says

    weren’t all those old scary things funny and endearing . I guess there is always a point in that too.

    great poem, and thank you for the knowing words.

  4. says

    on a serious note: this makes me think about outcasts that have crossed my life.

    on a light note: my mother calls me monster mash. rather don’t ask why ; )

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