Over at High Calling Blogs, Claire challenged us to share a picture of a lesson learned. She says: It’s been well-proven that when learning is coupled with a picture, it takes on greater relevance to the learner.

She’s right, you know. 

This is one of my spring break pictures from our trip to Blackwater Falls. I was playing with my new camera–adjusting the shutter speed and such. I’m still learning about these things. The water on the falls was so beautiful. I tried to capture the movement in the water by increasing my shutter speed. The picture turned out a little dark at first. One thing I have learned in all my reading about photography is that when the shutter speed is increased, the aperture needs widened. In this way, the amount of light can be adjusted to give the proper exposure.

So that’s my lesson learned here. When things look dark–add Light. Add the Light. And the Living Water will be revealed.

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    Laura, what a beautiful photo this is! And thank you for the photography lesson. 🙂

    I also wanted to stop by and welcome you to Laced with Grace. I am also a contributor and look forward to reading your posts.


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    you said it… add light.

    the water droplets in your image have a translucent quality about them that make me want to look deeper. seeing this makes me realise why He calls himself the living water and the light.

    ps- i have missed you. its good to be back.

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